p. 275 Big Shell: "during a siege ... caused the enemies to fall dead by blowing on their conch shell trumpet"

Yhws^< 6:20 Yri^h.o^: during a siege caused the enemies to be defeated by blowing trumpet

p. 275 Cactus: "whipped one another with cactus" (desert-plant), to do curing of "bite"

BMdbr 21:6 S`rapi^m: emigration through desert ("wilderness"), encountering poisonous snakes

P. 276 Fire: embers of "juniper" (a bush) are held "in their mouths", without effect

S^mwt 3:2 Burning Bush

p. 276 Ice: "They bathed in the river during the winter."

Yhws^< 3:15 Entry of Promised Land via wading in river Yarde_n

p. 277 "Sword Swallowers"

S^pt.ym 3:21 "sword ... thrust ... into his belly"

p. 277 "Fir Tree Swallowers", with "fatalities"

S^pt.ym 4:21 tent-peg was hammered into head, fatally

p. 277 "wolf"

S^pt.ym 7:25 Z>e_b "wolf"

p. 278 "hang a blanket on the wall"

S^pt.ym 8:11 "tents"

p. 278 "blue corn mush"

S^pt.ym 12:8 Be^t-Leh.em "house of bread"

p. 278 "a prayer-stick may be burnt and ... the novice, and ... it comes out a new one"

S^pt.ym 13:20 symbolizing prayers, "the angel of the Lord ascended in the flame"

p. 278 out of the eater's anus came forth food, "mouth to anus and mouth to anus again"

S^pt.ym 14:14 "Out of the eater came forth food ..."

p. 279 "rope" trick: initiate is dismembered and resuscitated

S^pt.ym 15:14 "ropes" are overcome

p. 279 "cliff"

S^pt.ym 15:11 "rock" (cliff)

p. 279 the people become surrounded in all directions by fires

S^pt.ym 7:19-20 the people become surrounded in all directions by fires

p. 279 "glass [crystal]", granting spiritual sight

LJ glass pavement in court of S^lo_mo_h, suggesting his wisdom (insight)

p. 279 Beast Priests "put bear paws on"

(p. 280) their "hands ... pawing the ... patients"

Mlkym b 2:24 nabi^> induceth 2 she-bears to attack children


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LJ = Louis Ginzberg: Legends of the Jews.