praedecessor of Akheloios as river-name was Thestios, father of +HuperMNEStRa & of the mother of KALudon & also of PLEXippos

MaNASARovar is the lake before Mt. Kailasa; S`ALmali is a ring-continent; PLAKS.a is another ring-continent (Hindu)


betwixt Kaludon & Pleuron was KUKnos

yet another ring-continent is KUS`a (Hindu)

ku^s^an-RIS^<atayim (S^PT.YM 3:8-10)


Kus`a derived (according to the Bhagavata Puran.a 5:20) from Hiran.ya-RETas

<EGLo^n "calf"

AKHeLoios, who became a bull

EGeL (Icelandic) [hero of a saga]

his protagonist was >eH.u^D

aKanTHos, son of +Hippodameia


ANTHOs, another son of +Hippodameia, was devoured alive

ANDHAka's blood was drunk up while he was alive


(personification of Andaman Islands ?)


father of Hippodamos & of +Hippodameia was Autonoos, who became a curlew

one ring-continent is Kraun~ca "curlew" (Hindu)


+Hippodameia was sister to Hippodamos, whose daughter periMELe (who became an island) was raped by Akheloios

one island-continent ketuMALa (Hindu)

>eh.u^d fled beyond the quarries of S`<i^ra^h "nanny-goat"

Akheloios owned the cornucopia, horn of the nanny-goat Amalthea

KETU- may be cognate with +Heidrun (the Icelandic divine nanny-goat) < *KETrUna


+Hippodameia was granddaughter of +Sterope, wife of Akheloios


S^I^R "song"

the +SEIRenes were daughters of +Sterope & Akheloios

TERak (Zarathustrian), the cosmic central mountain


the +Seirenes sang to the music of the +MOIRai

MERu (Hindu), the cosmic central mountain


S^PT.YM 3:12-26