Helication instead of Crucifixion

"As Moses lifted up the Serpent [S`rap] in the Wilderness, even so shall the Son of Man be lifted up".

this "Son of Man" (who is a different person from Iesous Khristos) may be identical with the Drakon of the Apokalupsis.

The S`rap (as worshipped by Franciscans, etc.) is usually depicted a "drakon" (S-VI) draped helically along a vertical rod.

Helical is the growth of Brussel-sprouts (MMM) along their stalk = the cabbage-stalk whereon Yes^uwa< was crucified according to (JONT, p. 127) the Toldo^t Yes^uwa<, a fact deducible from Tertullianus "(197-198 A.D., the Bishop of Carthage thus rhetorically addresses the Jews ("De Spect.," xxx.)" (DJL, cap. XV).

Yes^uwa< by-passed iron hounds (as cited by Martin Luther from "the 14th century Carthusian Salvatus Porchetus" L&J, X 1543)

iron hounds (ThGWM, p. 202) must be by-passed in the after-death journey by souls of the dead (according to a form of the Daoist Book of the Dead; cf. also the Ks.itigarbha Purva-Pranidhana Sutra, cap. 3 -- KPS).

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