Sub-Table of Contents: deity-sequences as nights/days of the month (cycle of lunar phases)


30 days of month: Zarathustrian, Manda<ic, Syriac, Latin

Kemetian & Tehuacan days of month = Bodish lunar mansions

Oceanian night-names

14 yoni kuta = Daoist mountain-spirits

yogini-s = Daoist mountain-spirits & Jaina yaks.a-s

Bon egg-born goddesses = Chinese lunar animals & medicine-wheel substances

Daoist medicines = MesoAmerican day-names

22 Vetala-s = Codex Borgia xvii 2 & xxix 23

24 guru-s = Codex Borgia xxix 23

Mana^zil = Waroc^iri` (Huarochiri`)

Huai-nan-tzu sequence = Polynesian nights of the moon

Kemet days of month = As^s^urian days of month = Maya day-signs

Malay rejangs = Vaidik sacrificial animals

Malay rejangs = Codex Borgia xxvi 14

Selendromia = shapes of Mene

shapes of Mene = naks.atra-s

Tibetan sacrificial animals = Tirthankara animals = Astika animals of nights

Vaidik sacrificial animals = Meso-American day-signs

Wen-c^ang = Meso-American day-signs

Kaka tarantula divination = Meso-American day-signs

Meso-American day-signs = deity-list in Brahman.a

Wakuenai spirit-animals = Meso-American day-signs

<arabic idol-custodians = Meso-American day-signs

Pierrot Lunaire = Codex Borgia xxix 23 (20 13-day periods)

Apokalupsis of Ioannes 4-22 = Caudex Borgianus Mexicanus, pp. 61-70 (20 13-day periods)


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