Feathered-Serpent goddess’s hound

parents of the pair of twin-brethren

CBM, p. 51

Iroquois etc.

Hellenic etc.

upper right : god Ehecatl upholding the sky in the west

The father of the twin-brethren was "He-holds-the-earth" (IC, p. 150);

Atlas upholding sky.

upper left : god holding uprooted tree

the mother of the twin-brethren uprooted a tree :


lower : tree growing out of leopard-suited death-deity

that tree was named "Tooth" (IC,O, p. 171).


lower : decapitated spiny fish nigh sun

Grandmother of the twin-brethren gods became fish (WWhF).


CBM = Codex Borgianus Mexicanus

IC,O = ARBAE (1903) 21:127-339 = J.N. B. Hewitt : "Iroquoian Cosmogony". (pp. 141-220 "Onondaga version") http://www.sacred-texts.com/nam/iro/irc/irc03.htm

WWhF = http://www.webwinds.com/yupanqui/iroquoisdreams3.htm#Sky

the pair of twin-brethren


Iroquois etc.

Hellenic etc.

Kelley 2005, p. 367a "In the Mixtec Nuttall codex (pp. 14-22), there is an account of a woman named Three Flint Feathered Serpent ...

"the feathered serpent goddess Coatlicue" (HAAA, p. 126). Coatlicue, mother of Quetalcoatl according to Camargo, "is crowned with eagle feathers ... . Her skirt is plaited of writhing snakes" (FG, p. 153).

Ouraios-goddess : "the signs of the nome of Aphroditopolis were a snake and a feather" (MSG 8).

[Kelley 2005, p. 367b] Three Flint gives birth to a daughter of the same name, then goes into a cave and emerges into a river ruled by the gods Four Death and Four Deer with their wives. ...

Tawiskaron "caught the timid deer, the stately elk with branching horns, and all the harmless inhabitants of the Forest; and imprisoned them in an extensive cave, for his own particular use, depriving mortals from having the benefit of them" (ICM).


Then Three Flint and her husband, Five Flower, are shown sacrificing a white dog. ... The Iroquois had a white dog sacrifice at the time of the winter solstice in honor of Tawiskaron’s twin brother, the Corn god (Lounsbury cited in Hall 1991 ...)."


Before entering the island within plane-tree-surrounded-moat, puppies as immolated to Enualios (Pausanias 3:14:8-10) at the Phoibaion, which is a temple to the Diokouroi (3:20:2) nigh Therapne. The idol of Enualios is restrained with fetters (3:15:7). Enualios was son of Ares and Enuo (Aristoph. Pax, 457; Dionys. A. R. iii. 48 – E).


Tawiskaron "tries to build a flint bridge to enable creatures suffering famine to eat the humans." (HP) cf. IC,M p. 309 Mohawk version : bridge of ice

This moated island was approached via 2 bridges (Pausanias 3:14:8).


(ICM) Tawiskaron’s brother "Teharonghyawago replied, ‘I know of nothing that could affect my life, unless it be the foam of the billows of the Lake or

Namucin could be killed only by foam (twirling off RV 5:30:8 & 6:20:6 the head with 8:14:13 foam, VM, p. 162 – or lead, CD, p. 63 – or arsenic, Ph)


the downy topped reed.’ " {i.e. cattail bulrush}


Like unto Mara with his daughters, Namucin was defended by an army of women (RV 5:30:9 -- CD, p. 64) – cf. armies consisting of goddesses mentioned in Tantra-s.

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