>ADAM, whose son was

ATHAMas, whose nephew was

ADHAMa (Skt. epithet of Agni)


KEPHALos, whose son was

KAmBHALa (Skt. name for Afghanistan); HuMBLe (Saxo Grammaticus: Danish History)

said (by the Manda<i^) to have voyaged by ship

Arcesios, cf. Lat. arx "ark"




TaD-purus.a (Skt.)

R<u^ "friend" was father of

Sokos {?Thraikian: cf. Latin socius, Skt. sakha "friend"} was father of



the Korubantes < [hypothetical Skt.] *S`aRUGant-as


with Haran cf. H.ARAN (of B-R>S^YT 11:31), etymologically the same as CARAN.a-s (Hindu divine musicians); TU^Bal-qayiN

KADMos {= KAkuDMin (Hindu), the hunch-backed}, by promising to re-string lyre, beguiled TUPHoN the winged concerning the wounded (Zeus)

Kokopilau (the hunchbacked katydid flautist) while wounded impressed the eagle (Frank Waters: Book of the Hopi. p. 37)


Kadmos sowed the "sown" (Spartoi), including Ekhion

Kokopilau sowed seeds (ibid., p. 38)

Nah.o^r married (B-R>S^YT 11:29), Haran's daughter, Milkah

Ekhion married Kadmos's daughter, aGaU[H]e: their son was Pentheus

Val-kyrja (Icelandic) < *-GUSya



Lukos took refuge with PENTHeUs, whose child-son was Lai[w]os < *LEWA-

BANDHU (Hindu), son of


Pentheus whipped the Mainad women

Lopa-ayana, relative (?!) of +Lopa-mudra (doe-deer goddess) of the (Latin) Lupercalia for Faunus Lupercus (*Bhona- *Lopa-ra) the fawn, who praesided over the whipping of women

{associated with the water-dragon Liwyatan ?}, whose son was

the child Opheltes who was strangled by a snake at a water-spring was Luko-w[e]rgos's progeny: interpreted as omen by


Qhat = [Ugaritic] >aqhat, who was assaulted from above by the male agent of a goddess, <anat

Amphiaraos, who was assaulted from above (driven underground) by the male agent of a woman


sons of the repraesentative of >LoHi^M were:

son of Amphiaraos was ALKMaion, whose sons were:


>AHRo^N &

AKaRNan &

zrvan AKaRaNa (Zarathustrian)

Mos^eh, also known as MiBH.AR "chosen" (Psalm 106:23)

Amphoteros < (hypothetical Skt.) *aMBHaCARa