MASya (m.) + MASyane (f.): Zarathustrian primordial deity-couple

Budha (*BHUDHa)

cognate with Puthon (*PHUTHon): Hellenic oracular deity


Uxmal (US^mal): Maya city

Surya (*SULya), cognate with "soul"

SUL ("soul" in Mongolian)

Guha (*GHUHa ?), born from fire

Kogi (*QOGi ?) of Colombia; or else, Kagu (*QaGu ?) the fire-god [Shinto] who burned to death his mother at his birth


cognate with BRaGi: Norse god


MATTaN (ancestor of Jesus Christ in Luke)


RAHUla, the founder of Buddhism; also regarded as the final Buddha

Ketu "banner, comet": cf. the saying "I carried the banner before Alexandros" in the Hanes Taliesin: allusion must be to the flag-ship of Paris-Alexandros, perhaps likening his voyage to that of ships sent out by S^lomoh.

{comets were worshipped by the ancient Chinese, who enumerated 29 types, the final being a swastika: swastika is a Jain emblem, and a Jain story is the source of the "judgement of S^lomoh": S^lomoh's favorite wife was >Abi-S^AG, from the <Arabian city of TAJ: the oldest <Arabian alphabets contain consonants numbering 29 }