Compraehensive Correlative Mutual Alignments of Sequential Events in Major Mythologic Systems Worldwide, part 11

Apokalupsis ('Revelation')


CHINESE STANDARD SEQUENCE (Mountains and Seas Classic) OF MYTHIC LOCALITIES [backwards sequence]


"And he ... took ... out of the right hand of him that sat upon the throne" (Apokalupsis 5:7).

"next, he seized hold of [Peirithoos]'s hands [while the latter was sitting up on a "Chair" (GM @103.c)],

"lo, there was a great earthquake" (Apokalupsis 6:12).

but the Earth quaked warningly" (GM @103.d).

"for ever ... reclining ... --

before their ... gaze rise magnificent" (GM @103.e).

"the stay-glimmer" (CM&S, p. 44 3:2:12).

"[Aphidnai]" (GM @104.a). [cf. \APHIDroterion\ 'natural vapor-bath'.

"the River Goose[-]gate." (CM&S, p. 44 3:2:12) {a quilt stuffed with goose-down is proverbially warm : cf. steam-bath}

"a beautiful, well-watered garden" (GM @104.b).

"Mount Bridge[-]drain." (CM&S, p. 44 3:2:12)

"[Marathos {< *\Maradho-\, Skt \MR.DHa\ 'battle'}] led the [Arkadian] contingent" (GM @104.c).

"It flies by night and lies low by day." (CM&S, p. 44 3:2:11) {behaviour typical of MARAUDers}

"had now vacated the throne" (GM @104.d).

"lonely-bigcat." (CM&S, p. 44 3:2:11)

"to welcome ... into the city" (GM @104.e).

"Mount North[-]hubbub." (CM&S, p. 43 3:2:11)

"And the stars of heaven fell unto the Earth" (Apokalupsis 6:13).

"Divine honour were ... paid to them at the rising of their constellation" (GM @104.e).

"smuggling his children out ... to ... where ... son of [Khalk-odont- ('bronze tooth')] sheltered them --

"it has tiger fangs" (CM&S, p. 43 3:2:10).

"And the kings of the Earth ... hid themselves in ... the mountains" (Apokalupsis 6:15).

and then ... Mount [Gargettos]" (GM @104.f).

"Mount Hook[-]my." (CM&S, p. 43 3:2:10)

"I saw four angeloi ... holding the four winds" (Apokalupsis 7:1).

"A storm blew" (GM @104.g).

"numerous quick-horses" (CM&S, p. 43 3:2:9). {swift as the wind?}

"had inherited an estate on [Skuros]" (GM @104.g). {cf. English \SKIRR\ 'to fly with a whirring sound'}

"The River Tail[-]banner rises here" (CM&S, p. 43 3:2:9).

"a great mountain ... was cast into ... : and ... became blood" (Apokalupsis 8:8).

"to the top of a high cliff {to the high top of a tall cliff}, pushed him off" (GM @104.g).

"won great fame" (GM @104.h).

"Mount All[-]more." (CM&S, p. 43 3:2:8)

"And he opened up the Bottomless Pit" (Apokalupsis 9:2).

"tearing up the soil with her talons" (GM @104.i).

"Acclaiming this a sign from Heaven, he seized a mattock" (GM @104.i).

"Mount Mad. ... The River Mad rises here" (CM&S, p. 43 3:2:7).

"shall men seek death, and shall not find it" (Apokalupsis 9:6).

"he found a tall skeleton,

"Mount Nearthis." (CM&S, p. 43 3:2:6) {the name of an extinct genus, whereof only skeletons are extant?}

"And they had breastplates, as it were ... of iron" (Apokalupsis 9:9).

armed with a bronze lance and a sword" (GM @104.i).

"and there were stings in their tails" (Apokalupsis 9:10). ["tails" = genitalia; "stings" = embarrassment to others]

"His love-affairs caused the Athenians ... frequent embarrassment" (GM @104.i).

"from the four horns of the golden altar" (Apokalupsis 9:13).

"now seek refuge at his sanctuary" (GM @104.k). [refuge is usually sought at an altar's horns (spokes)]

"he was a son of [Poseidon]" (GM @104.k) [-- who is god of the sea and of fishes].

"The River Snout[-]sturgeon" (CM&S, p. 43 3:2:5).

"his feet as pillars of fire" (Apokalupsis 10:1).

"swollen foot" (GM @105.1). [feet inflammed, having inflammation]

"on the beach" (GM @105.c).

"Mount White[-]sands." (CM&S, p. 43 3:2:5)

"was pleased to rear ... as his own son." (GM @105.c)

"The River Win rises here" (CM&S, p. 43 3:2:4).

"And he had in his hand a little book open : and he set ...

"went to ask the Delphic Oracle what future lay in store for him." (GM @105.c)

"in the narrow defile between ... and off the road" (GM @105.d).

"Mount Fox[-]fork." (CM&S, p. 42 3:2:4) [fork-in-the-road?]

his left foot on the earth" (Apokalupsis 10:2).

"bruised [Oidi-pod-]'s foot" (GM @105.d).

"And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth" (Apokalupsis 10:3).

"[Oidi-pod-] retorted" (GM @105.d).

"a human bawling." (CM&S, p. 42 3:2:3)

"saying unto me, Seal up those things ..., and write them not." (Apokalupsis 10:4)

"now asked every wayfarer a riddle ... Those ... could not solve" (GM @105.e).

"sware by him that liveth for ever and ever ..., that there should be time no longer." (Apokalupsis 10:6)

"[Oidi-pod-] ... guessed the answer. 'Man' ... in his old age." (GM @105.e) [with no time for living further]

"the mystery of God should be finished" (Apokalupsis 10:7).

"dashed herself to pieces ... below." (GM @105.e)

"said, Go and take the little book" (Apokalupsis 10:8).

"that he may understand the language of prophetic birds." (GM @105.g)

"white hill pheasant and white pheasant." (CM&S, p. 42 3:2:3)

"Teiresias awarded [Kale] the prize" (GM @105.h). [\kale\ 'hernia' -- which, unless immediately excised surgically, must result in painful death]

"The animals ... are mostly the large elk." (CM&S, p. 42 3:2:3) {English \ELK\ is etymoligically cognate with Hellenic \ALGos-\ 'pain in body'.}

"it shall make thy belly bitter" (Apokalupsis 10:9). [said of a situation wherein one is required to rendre a personally (internally) unpalatable decistion]

"presented ... with a ... head of hair" so as to be worthy "to settle the dispute" (GM @105.h). [this is evidently a wig as worn by an officially functioning judge]

"Mount Hang[-]bland." (CM&S, p. 42 3:2:3) [an accoutrement for suspending (propounding) a soothingly bland (speciously impartial) decision]

"it was in my mouth sweet as honey" (Apokalupsis 10:10).

"infinitely greater pleasure" (GM @105.h).

"Rise, and measure" (Apokalupsis 11:1).

"If ... counted as ten, Thrice three go to women, one only to men." (GM @105.h)

"have power over waters to turn them to blood" (Apokalupsis 11:6).

"There are numerous fine bloodstones" (CM&S, p. 42 3:2:2).

"And when they have finished their testimony, the beast ... shall overcome them" (Apokalupsis 11:7).

With the completed personal testimony of Teresias, Hera "was so exasperated" (GM @105.h).

"The River Sour rises here" (CM&S, p. 42 3:2:2). [so-called "sour grapes" : dissatisfaction about another's decision]

"compensated him with inward insight, and a life extended" (GM @105.h).

"Mount Young[-]sunny." (CM&S, p. 42 3:2:2)

"leaning on the cornelwood" (GM @105.i).

"this peak pillows on" (CM&S, p. 42 3:2:1).

"And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the megalopolis" (Apokalupsis 11:8).

"if a Sown Man died for the sake of the city." (GM @105.i)

"tongues and nations" (Apokalupsis 11:9). [each tongue (torrent of verbiage) is confined to a particular nationality]

"[Menoikeus {\men\ 'indeed' + \oikeus\ 'an inmate of one's house'}] ... at once leaped from the walls" (GM @105.i).

"Its name is Mount Tube[-]torrent." (CM&S, p. 42 3:2:1) [a torrent which is confined within (resident inmate of) a tube]

"shall send gifts to one another" (Apokalupsis 11:10).

"confirmed by a letter [epistle]" (GM @105.j). [epistle is a variety of gift]

"they stood upon their feet" (Apokalupsis 11:11).

"continued to reign ... for awhile" (GM @105.k).

"they ascended up to Heaven" (Apokalupsis 11:12).

"he left the city which he had delivered" (GM @105.k).

"many dragon-like turtles." (CM&S, p. 42 3:1:25) ["dragon-like" = capable of ascending to Heaven]

"the tenth part of the city fell ... :

"finally came to [Kolonos {'hill' (cognate with Latin \collis\ < *\kolni-\)}] in [Attika], where the [Erinues] ...

"The River Dyke rises here" (CM&S, p. 41 3:1:25). [a dyke is a wall restraining a river, usually so as to protect a city]

and the remnant were affrighted" (Apokalupsis 11:13).

hounded him to death"(GM @105.k). [viz., frightened him to death]

"And the four and twenty elders ... fell upon their faces" (Apokalupsis 11:16).

"So many princes visited ... that,

"And the nations were angry, and ... wrath is come ...,

fearing to make powerful enemies

that they should be judged, and that thou

if he singled out any two of them" (GM @106.a).

shouldest give reward unto ... the prophets, and

"it had been prophesied" (GM @106.b).

to ... thy name {a name being a vocal emblem}; and

"the emblem of [Thebai] is a lion" (GM @106.c).

"Its name is the dark-panther." (CM&S, p. 41 3:1:25)

shouldest destroy them which destroy the Earth." (Apokalupsis 11:18)

"they began to dispute about the riches and glories of their respective cities, and murder might have been done" (GM @106.c).

"And the temple of God was opened in Heaven" (Apokalupsis 11:19).

"settle ... by compelling him to come with us." (GM @106.e)

"the dragon stood ... ready ... for to devour her child" (Apokalupsis 12:4).

"set the boy down ..., whereupon a serpent ... bit him to death" (GM @106.g).

"and her child was caught up unto God, and to his throne." (Apokalupsis 12:5)

"they instituted the Nemean Games in the boy's honour" (GM @106.h).

"And to the woman were given two wings" (Apokalupsis 12:14).

"[Athene] hastened ... to beg an infallible elixir" (GM @106.j).

"And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman" (Apokalupsis 12:15).

"The River Fresh rises here and flows northwest

"and the Earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood" (Apokalupsis 12:16).

"arriving at that moment with the elixir, spilt it on the ground" (GM @106.j).

to empty into the River Mire[-]my." (CM&S, p. 41 3:1:24)

"and upon his heads the name of blasphemy." (Apokalupsis 13:1)

"Zeus struck him dead with a thunderbolt." (GM @106.j) [the usual poinalty against impiety]

"And the beast which I saw ..., ... his feet were as the feet of a bear, and

{cf. bear-paw "Sorcerer" in Trois Fre`res Cavern (Magdalenian epoch of Upper Palaiolithic)}

"Mount Bear[-]fault." (CM&S, p. 41 3:1:23)

his mouth as the mouth of a lion :

"[Amphi-araos {'both deities-praying-to' (cf. Latin \ara\ 'altar')}]" is of deceptive speech (GM @106.j).

"Split open the skull ... !" (GM @106.j) [English \SKuLL\ (of Old Norse provenience) is likely cognate with Pilis^tiy \>aS^QLown\.]

"scallion and wild garlic."(CM&S, p. 41 3:1:22) [\SCaLLion\ is derived from the Pilis^tiy city-name (Strong's 831) \>aS^QLown\ .]

and the dragon gave him his power" (Apokalupsis 13:2).

"There is a snake with one head and two bodies" (CM&S, p. 41 3:1:21).

"and his deadly wound was healed" (Apokalupsis 13:3).

"Mount Muddle[-]dusk." (CM&S, p. 41 3:1:21) {deathliness itself became muddled by the dusk, resulting in a miraculous healing?}

"If any man have an ear, let him hear." (Apokalupsis 13:9) [let him hear the western hubbub]

"The River All[-]dote ... flows west to empty into the River Hubbub." (CM&S, p. 41 3:1:20)

"another beast ... had two horns like a lamb" (Apokalupsis 13:11).

"like an ox but it has four horns" (CM&S, p. 41 3:1:20).

"they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound, and did live." (Apokalupsis 13:14).

"now reigns alive among the dead." (GM @106.k) {Trois Fre`res may depict the living among the dead.}

{[Aztec] During Eca-tonatiuh ('Wind-Sun'), humans become monkeys. Cf. :

"the mountain-monkey ... moves like the wind ..., there will be typhoons" (CM&S, p. 41 3:1:19).

"And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast,

[Yucatec] Day-name Ik 'wind; life'.}

"they have chicken's feet." (CM&S, p. 41 3:1:19) [implying residual life, with ability to walk even after slaughtered]

that the image of the beast should ... speak" (Apokalupsis 13:15). [telestic imagery]

"a lightning-struck man should be ... fenced off" (GM @106.l). [the fence, alike unto an altar-rail, for guarding occult speech]

"Mount Prison[-]law." (CM&S, p. 41 3:1:19) [in the case of a law requiring immurement (= being fenced-in) of prisoners, they may as yet be able to hear one another's communications]

"And he caused all ... to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads" (Apokalupsis 13:16).

"guessed his identity by the serpent mark on his body" (GM @106.m).

"might buy or sell" (Apokalupsis 13:17).

"bribed" (GM @107.a).

"count the number of the beast : for it is ... Six hundred threescore and six." (Apokalupsis 13:18)

"fated to stand only so long as one of the seven original champions remained alive" (GM @107.b). [as of this time, six of those seven had died]