Compraehensive Correlative Mutual Alignments of Sequential Events in Major Mythologic Systems Worldwide, part 17 








CHINESE STANDARD SEQUENCE (Mountains and Seas Classic) OF MYTHIC LOCALITIES [backwards sequence]






"The boy put on two sky blankets and painted his face." (TsM, p. 629)

"[KEuK-]" (GM @146.a). [\KEK-\ 'tern']

"The River Brocade" (CM&S, p. 153 13:34). [brocade = sky-blankets?]

[Rapa-nui (Easter Island)] Tanata-manu (finder of 1st egg of sooty tern) hath a noble patron who "shaved his head and painted it" (W"Tangata manu").

"his hat, the top of which turns, and

"at [Tri-koruthos {'triple helmet'}]" (GM @146.b).


Cf. triple tiara worn by pope.

out of which rushes a whirlpool." (TsM, p. 629)

"the [Makarian] spring." (GM @146.b)

"north of Sunny[-]twist." (CM&S, p. 153 13:33)


"a child ... at night gouged out the eyes of the people of four towns." (TsM, p. 629) -- cf. TlM&T, p. 447, #94

"gouged the eyes with weaving pins" (GM @146.c).

"Puddle" (CM&S, p. 153 13:32). [cf. water-well]

Strong's 5869 \<ayin\ 'eye' is written the same as Strong's 5871 \<ayin\ 'water-well'.

"a totem-pole ... split." (TsM, p. 629)

"ordered [Hermes] to plunder the coffin

"The River Ferry {cf. ferrying, by Kharon, of souls of the dead}



which the [Hera-kleidai] were carrying to the grave; and

rises from the southeast mound of Mount Common." (CM&S, p. 153 13:31)

southeast is diection of Agni, also known as \Agri\, cognate with Strong's 5917 or else 5912.

"An old ... (... stone from ... hips down) observed him.

this he did, adroitly substituting a stone for the body,


half-stone divinities may refer to the telestic art as practised during dreaming

Then the Sky chief broke through the stone floor {Zend \asman\ 'sky' = Skt \as`man\ 'stone'}" (TsM, p. 629).

which he carried off to the Islands of the Blessed. {\Makariai\ are the blessed females : cf. (GM @146.b) "[Makaria], [Hera-klees]'s only daughter."}

"Mount Well[-]gorge" (CM&S, p. 153 13:30) = "Abyss" of Sandalpown (in Qabbalistic exorcism).

cf. the Rapture (being carried to heaven) of souls of the living, praedicted to be


There, revived and rejuvenated, [Alk-mene] became the wife of


co-aeval with the Resurrection of souls of the dead.

"something slim and blue ... was walking on the screens whose ends pointed toward each other in the rear of the house." (TsM, p. 630)

[Rhada-manthus]" (GM @146.f). [{although punning on \rhabdos\ 'rod'} \rhadinos\ 'slender, slim' + {although punning on \himasthle\ 'thong of a whip'} \manthanein\ 'to learn (scil., a skill) by practice, acquire a habit']




"But ... she married [Rhada-manthus] at [Okaleai]" (GM @146.f). [\okaleon\ = \takhu\ 'hasty' +


Hastily, "Vyasa had an involuntary emission of semen. S`uka's birth was from this semen." (PE, s.v. "S`uka I.1")

"Raven pierced the sky and found a five-row town. {Cf. identication of the Mental-Plane's divine city Manas-vati  (PE, q.v.) as occupied by the gandharva Tumburu's daughters the  Pan~ca-cud.a-s.}

\okhu\ 'shrill' {cf. shrill timbre of the timbrel animated through Tumburu}]

"rises to the north of Up[-]flaw {cf. aperture for upwardsly piercing the sky} ...

His mother "herself having come along the sky" (PE, s.v. "Ghr.taci 2)", p. 291b), "S`uka ['parrot' {cf. Raven}] ... entered the Akas`a [witnessing of praevious lifetimes]. Then ... Pan~ca[-]cud.a ['5 crests' {cf. 5-row}] stood ... in admiration." (PE, s.v. "Pan~cacud.a", p. 547b).

The chief's daughter had a baby whose body Raven entered ... . ... When all were asleep, Raven would come out of the skin" (TsM, p. 630).


entering ... south of Skin[-]clan." (CM&S, p. 153 13:29)


"The people stood outside in a line and sang" (TsM, p. 630).


"although it is generally admitted ... [outside of the local "hero-shrine",] in [Sardon]." (GM @146.g)



"the child ... drifted on the water" (TsM, p. 630).

"gathered a fleet ... and ... fled ... long wandering" (GM @146.h).




"His people were favoured and enriched" (GM @146.h). [i.e., successful]

"entering ... west of Success[-]bog." (CM&S, p. 153 13:28)


"covered with shiny spots" is a

"purified ... by [MAKRis], the nurse of [Dio-nusos]." (GM @146.i) 

"Cinnamon[-]sunny" (CM&S, p. 153 13:27). [star-anise?]

Star-anise can contain glittery specks.

certain "cylindrical" object which was "taken out of the innermost of a set of five boxes" (TsM, p. 630).

[\MAKRogonguloi\ 'cylindrical' is a descriptor of certain solenes ('cylindrical boxes').]

"The River Strain rises from Near[-]gain and runs ... Turn[-]ape." (CM&S, p. 153 13:26)

A linear solenoid, by magnetic flux ("Strain"), produced by applying electric current ("Near[-]gain"), can operate a valve; while a rotatory solenoid will copy ("ape") this with a rotation ("Turn") added in its operation ("LSATh&T").

"In order to meet him easily, she pretended to die" TsM, p. 634).

"whose mother was visited one night by ... the god himself." (GM @146.j)

"The River Sweet[-]herb rises" (CM&S, p. 153 13:25). {her sweetheart meeting her?}


"she asked ... that her horn spoon,

"murdered [Karnos {'horn'}] ... as he came ... 



fish-knife {fish's gills' motion likened unto the antics of nasalization-affectation?}, and

chanting prophetic verses" (GM @146.k). [in nasalized enuntiation?]

"The River Snot {figurative term for 'nasalized'?} rises" (CM&S, p. 153 13:24).


marten blanket {cf. mink-coat-style affectation} be put in her coffin" (TsM, p. 634).

"under [Temenos {'raiment'}],

"east of Grasp[-]city." (CM&S, p. 153 13:23) {city-slicker attired in urbane style?}



[Kres- {= \kre[w]as\ 'carcass'} + \phontes\ {= \phonet-\ 'resounding'}]" (GM @146.k).

"Elephant commandery {of carcass-trampling war-elephants trumpeting resoundingly} ...


"Then the chieftainess ... said, "... I pretend to make maggots out of myself"" (TsM, p. 634).


joins up with Lake Gush[-]court." (CM&S, p. 152 13:22) [purportedly gushing with putridity?]


"peeped through a hole in its blanket, and saw the boy

"riding by{e} on a one-eyed horse. Now, ... 'three-eyed', and


This "hole"/monocular steed is aj~na cakram the 'command-wheel'.

come from the grave and return to it" (TsM, p. 634). {In Skt, 'caterpillar' is \kapana\; while \kampana\ is 'quivering' (a sign of spirit-mediumship : a medium's becoming possessed by spirits purporting (boldly alleging themselves) to be souls of the dead).}

therefore engaged ... as a guide" (GM @146.k). {By \guide\ is intended a praeternatural spirit-guide engaged in double-duty as substitute for psychopomp Hermes. Likewise, "metamorphosis from caterpillar ... was seen as a metaphor for the soul's" (CAVP) : this is a widespread understanding ("SB&HSL").}

"The River White {scil., spectre/ghost} rises in Silkworm" (CM&S, p. 152 13:21). {While traveling toward "the northern extremity of" Hawai>i, ghosts of the dead discover that "A huge caterpillar guards the eastern boundary of this roadway" (HM"SAD", p. 357).}

Cognate with Hellenic \kampe\ 'caterpillar' : as name of a certain district of Italia, to wit,,  \Campania\, ought to refer to quondam worship therein of caterpillar-deities, praesumably associated with mt Vesuvius : because black lava is reminiscent of the black eructation of an eruca ('caterpillar' in Latin), when affrighted.

"The boy would often ... get chewing gum from the spruce trees" (TsM, p. 635).

"torn to pieces by [Krotopos]'s mastiffs {\MASTIff\ derived from \MASTICAter\, cognate with \MASTIkhe\ 'mastic-gum (for masticating/chewing)'}." (GM @147.a)



"whenever they found a tree with gum on it, the boy would smear his body with it." (TsM, p. 635)

[\KROTOne\ 'excrescence on trees']



"came to the house of two kingfisher girls" (TsM, p. 635).

"sending a sort of [Harpuia] named [Poine]" (GM @147.a).



"the death-mat ... was set with sharp spikes" (TsM, p. 636).

"bore the child [Linos]" (GM @147.a). [\linos\ 'flax' including "prickly flax-waste" (GM @147.5).



"the child ... Its skin was very white" (TsM, p. 636).

"since [Linos] had been reared  among lambs" (GM @147.a).



"kept the dried body on the bed. ... One morning a shining youth was there, who said, "Heaven ... sent me down to comfort you."" (TsM, p. 636)

"removed his bones ..., in accordance with a dream; but afterwards dreamed again, and sent them back." (GM @147.c)



"The world was dark" (TsM, p. 641).


"shade." (CM&S, p. 152 13:20)


"in a box

"Pelias put to death every prominent [Aiolian]" (GM @148.a). [\PELIke\ = \khou~s\ 'a measure of capacity']



suspended from

"[Skarphe] ... bore ... one son" (GM @148.b). [\SKARiPHos\ = \KARPHos-\ "piece of wood on which the watchword was written"]



a rafter" (TsM, p. 642).

"seasoned timber ... fitted an oracular beam into the [Argoi]'s prow" (GM @148.h).



[Rivers Inlet] "his grandfather makes for him ..., according to his request, ... canoe {kayak} of sea-lion skin." (TsM, p. 645)

"The [golden] fleece now hung from a tree in the grove" (GM @148.g).

"north of Bloom[-]" (CM&S, p. 152 13:20).

Is the blossom of this tree the true "secret of the golden flower" of Taoism?

"Raven made himself ... to be reborn ... in the hole" (TsM, p. 643).

"the first king ever to build a treasury." (GM @148.j) {Treasures are commonly hidden underground or in a remote cave.}

"Mount Bird[-]rat-share[-]cave" (CM&S, p. 152 13:20).


"He ... emerged out of the dark. He hovered over the village" (TsM, p. 642).

"rose propitiously to heaven in dark, swirling columns" (GM @149.a).




"the [Lemnian] men had ... made concubines of [Thraikian] girls ... .

"north of Play." (CM&S, p. 152 13:19)


"having a wolverene ... at the end like a vane. Women who do not want to marry live in such houses" (TsM, p. 642). {Wolverines are noted for killing prey-animals without even intending to eat them.}

 In revenge, the [Lemnian] women murdered them all" (GM @149.b).

"Long[-]fort" (CM&S, p. 152 13:19). {women's own peculiar fortress?}


"When she started with her bucket, ...



With Norse waning-moon goddess Bil,

she came out dressed ... with a long ruff of deer fur" (TsM, p. 642).

Hypsi-pule gave birth to (GM @149.c) Nebrophonos (= \pug-argos\ "rump-flash", the "name of a kind of antelope").

"north of Stately[-]thrive" (CM&S, p. 152 13:19).

cf. figure of deer in dark of moon (acc. to >al-Beruni).


"He soon forced them down to the shore" (GM @149.d).

"north of the Long Wall" (CM&S, p. 152 13:19).

[The Athenian "Long Walls" enclose a passageway to the coastal harbor at Peiraieus.]

"his eyes turned around, showing different colours" (TsM, p. 643). {the eyen-of-wisdom are activated}

"they were duly initiated into the mysteries of ... the [KaBEIRoi]" (GM @149.d).

"The River Flow[-]through rises" CM&S, p. 152 13:19). {power of the divine mysteries will flow through the mortal's body}

His name cognate with \KaBEIRos\, is "Kubera assuming the form of a chameleon ... to change ... colour." (Uttara Rama-ayana -- PE, s.v. "Kubera 9)") {thus becoming "all things to all men", viz., inscrutable}

"The child patted it ... .

"dedicated their anchor-stone ..., and,

"Mount Sky[-]breathe lies

Slapping (cf. patting) the back is a technique for resuscitating an asphyxiation-victim.

He rolled it about ... and played with it ...; put it on his shoulder and ran away with it ... and flew away as a raven ..., pursued by the hosts of heaven." (TsM, p. 644)

"dedicated their anchor-stone ..., and, taking aboard a heavier one, rowed away" (GM @149.g).


"on his shoulders ... Pralamba carried Bala[-]bhadra. But, Pralamba rose up to the skies with  Bala[-]bhadra" (PE, s.v. "Kr.s.n.a 8)(14)").

"The the boy asks for the box hanging on the rafter" (TsM, p. 645).



[\pralamba\ 'hanging down, pendulous']

"his mother said, "One talks of a thing beyond his reach, which supernatural beings own"" (TsM, p. 644).

The "just married [Kleite]" (GM @149.f) was "driven mad by the news" (GM @149.g) of her bridegroom's demise.

north of Long[-]for[-]love." (CM&S, p. 152 13:18)

Of Salva (though she remained apart from him), Amba longingly said (PE, s.v. "Amba 2)") "we are deeply in love with each other."

[Bellabella] "He is given ... the box containing ... rainbow" (TsM, p. 645). {[Lenni Lenape] "the larger animals could hardly walk" until "a bright, glowing ... stick .. kept Rainbow Crow warm as he descended from Heaven down to the bright path of the stars." (NAM"RC")}

"her sacred lion ... on Mount [Dindumon {\didumaon\ 'twins (in dual number)'}]" (GM @149.h). {"cut the rainbow in two. Half of it flew up to the sky; the other half fell to the ground and sank in, making a deep hole. ... But some lions had followed them down" (M&LB "WhRE").}

"in the district of Bridge" (CM&S, p. 152 13:18) {cf. Eddic rainbow-bridge, guarded by Heim-dall}

"the deity Ruty (Double Lion) who guarded the horizon" (EMGu, p. 133). [TL-MRJ meaning 'horizon' \LH^M\, <arabiy meaning (DMWA, p. 1012a) 'awkward, clumsy' (could hardly walk)

[Squamish] "sea eggs {evidently, sea-urchins} ... of Gull, who steps on them and runs the spines into his feet. Raven ... pushes in the spines." (TsM, p. 647)

"danced in full armour {with such armor, cf. sea-urchin shells} on the mountain top. " (GM @149.h)

"Urgewards" (CM&S, p. 152 13:18).


[Lower Chehalis] "Chief ... takes the form of an old slave. ... They take him paddling" (TsM, p. 647) {-- in the meanwhile, evidently addressing him in the 2nd person, as "Thou"}.

"the [Argo-nautai] now engaged in a contest to see who could row the longest." (GM @150.a)

"The River You {i.e., Thou} rises" (CM&S, p. 152 13:18).


[Puget Sound] "beaver ... is killed by the Moon ... . Eventually the Beaver revives ...,

"[Iason] fainted." (GM @150.a)

"to enter the River Evens {a fainted person's brainwave is "even", i.e., flat (viz., indetectible)}


pulls up three pine trees, and climbs down." (TsM, p. 648)

"He uprooted an enormous fir, ... dragged it back for trimming" (GM @150.b).

north of There[-]ton." (CM&S, p. 152 13:17) {wherever the fir is dragged to, is will as of yet weigh a ton even after being trimmed}


[Nass] "comes to a place where ghosts whistle in front of him." (TsM, p. 649)

"heard [Hulas] shouting for help; and ran towards his voice ..., but to no avail." (GM @150.b)

"south of Choir[-]clan" (CM&S, p. 152 13:17). {a whole clan of ghosts are whistling together, making for a choir of spectres}



"[Dru-ope {'acorn-face'} ... had fallen in love with [Hulas]" (GM @150.b).

"The River Grain[-]tip rises from


[Eskimo (Inuit)] "They searched for it ... . When their boots were used up, they put on new ones. ...

"the inhabitants continued their search for [Hulas], dead or alive" (GM @150.d).



He travels on his snowshoes, and after a while sees a ray of light. ...

"[Bormos] or [Borimos] ..., a [Mariandunian] youth ..., ... too was drawn into the well by the [numphai]" (GM @150.f).

Mount Young[-]house" (CM&S, p. 152 13:17). {"an underwater grotto" (GM @150.b) became his house}


is shoveling snow, and each time he tosses it up ... {cf. pitchfork for tossing hay}. ...

"flung them without ceremony over a cliff" (GM @150.g).

"Mount Cliff[-]crag" (CM&S, p. 152 13:16).


While the house owner is entering, he ... seizes ... the snow-shovel" (TsM, p. 648). {tines of pitchfork = spikes of gloves}

"gloves were studded with brazen spikes" (GM @150.h).

"west of Grasp[-]sunny." (CM&S, p. 152 13:15)



"came to [Salmudessos {cf. \SALaManDra\ 'salamander' : an amphibian reputedly resident in fire; of course, the combination of fire with water must yield steam, i.e., mist.}] in Eastern [Thraike],  

"The River Misty rises" (CM&S, p. 152 13:15).



where Phineus {\PHINis\ = \phene\ 'lammergeyer (Gypaëtus barbatus)'} ... was ... plagued by ... [Harpuiai] : ... winged, female ..., who ... snatched victuals ... so that it stank and was inedible." (GM @150.j)


Mentioned immediately before BHIma-jaNU (PE, q.v. : MBh, "Sabha Parvan" 8:21) is (WL "Sabha P. 8") Indra-dyumna, who is (PE, s.v."Indradyumna I.3)") remembred only by the oldest of animals -- oldest of anmals being the vulture in the 1001 Nights.


"under the shadow of the [Kaukasos] Mountains." (GM @150.k)

"Four snakes guard the mountain." (CM&S, p. 152 13:14)



"Phineus had married first [Kleo-patra] ... and then, on her death ... ." (GM @150.l)

"His Nine Queens lie buried" (CM&S, p. 152 13:14).



"Phineus not only restored them to favor ... ." (GM @150.l)

"The great god Fond Care" (CM&S, p. 152 13:14).



"Phineus was blinded by the gods after the [Argo-nautai]'s visit" (GM @150.m).


Mentioned immediately after Bhima-janu is Gaura-PR.s.T.Ha, who might be an avatara of PR.TH-virupa (cf. Virupa-aks.a 'distorted eye').


"lost only their stern ornament." (GM @151.a)

"Mount Perchfish." (CM&S, p. 152 13:14)



"the force of the current made the ship all but unmanageable" (GM @151.a).

"The River Han rises" (CM&S, p. 152 13:14).


[Chukchi] "He reaches the hut of the man ..., and kills him with his own hatchet." (TsM, p. 648)

"lurking in the reed-beds ... the boar ..., impaled it on his spear" (GM @151.c).




"they raised a barrow over his ashes" (GM @151.c).

"where the great god Hibiscus lies buried" (CM&S, p. 152 13:13).



"promised every gift" (GM @151.d).

"west of Rightnesswards" (CM&S, p. 152 13:12).



"spent the remainder of her life" (GM @151.d).

"Mount More" (CM&S, p. 152 13:12).



"found recruits to fill three of the vacant seats" (GM @151.d).

"Three Sky[-]sons City is ... Sky[-]sons Block." (CM&S, p. 152 13:11)


"he arrives ... and asks them ... some of their catch. ...


"south of More[-]arrive." (CM&S, p. 152 13:11)


After asking in vain ..., ... Frogs, are drifted

"then sailed past ... the country of

"The River Glide rises" (CM&S, p. 151 13:11).



... who live in wooden castles" (GM @151.e).

"west of Walled City." (CM&S, p. 151 13:10)


to an island" (TsM, p. 649).

"Near the islet of [Ares]" (GM @151.f).

"south of Long Island." (CM&S, p. 151 13:10)


"he breaks the ... box, the north wind begins to blow" (TsM, p. 649).

"a huge storm arose and

"The three rivers of Mount Trouble" (CM&S, p. 151 13:10). [troubled weather?]


[Nass] "boxes are seen floating on the water." (TsM, p. 649)

four [Aiolians] clinging to a baulk of timber were cast ashore" (GM @151.f).

"Mount Gather[-]till" (CM&S, p. 151 13:9).


"can obtain only sap of the roots of alder trees" (TsM, p. 653).

"was metamorphosed into a linden-tree."  (GM @151.g)




"enameled with blue rings ...; when tossed into the air , it left a track" (GM @152.a).

"Start[-]dove {praesumably, a ring-dove (with ringed neck)} lies ... south of Cartshaft[-]grind." (CM&S, p. 151 13:8) [Cartwheels commonly leave a track.]



"were exposed on the tops of willow-trees for birds to eat" (GM @152.b).

"The land of Fence[-]goose" (CM&S, p. 151 13:7).



"[Aia] shown splendidly down on them from a hill" (GM @152.b).

"Redjade[-]ton Terrace {terrace = hill} lies



"had undertake to prevent {hindre} all ... from entering the Black {A-xinos} Sea" (GM @152.d).

between two coastlines of the Gulf Sea" (CM&S, p. 151 13:6).



"left over from ... sowing at [Thebai]." (GM @152.e) [the most prominent of city-states]

"City Island ... is Stately Island." (CM&S, p. 151 13:5)



(The sowing at Thebai had been of dragons' teeth.)

"the god ... with his dragon body and human head." (CM&S, p. 151 13:4)


"to get the water which the owner kept in a covered stone vessel" (TsM, p. 651),

"a flask of lotion ... of ... crocus ... . [Iason] gratefully accepted the flask" (GM @152.g).

"Youth[-]sands" (CM&S, p. 151 13:3). [flasks are commonly made of glass (melted sand)]



"King ... shamelessly repudiated his bargain." (GM @152.h)

"Royal[-]seal" (CM&S, p. 151 13:2).



"immortal dragon ... larger than the [Argoi] herself, and

The land of Giant[-]swallow" (CM&S, p. 151 13:1).

"Draconic Magnificence" (EDS, p. 381) is of "No form ..., No limit, no end" (EDS, p. 422).

"makes all the rivers of Masset. Those which he makes last are red" (TsM, p. 652).

born from the blood of the monster [Tuphon]" (GM @152.h).