Compraehensive Correlative Mutual Alignments of Sequential Events in Major Mythologic Systems Worldwide, part 21



CHINESE STANDARD SEQUENCE (Mountains and Seas Classic) OF MYTHIC LOCALITIES [backwards sequence]


"[Nau-plios] ... brought false news to the wives of [Pala-medes]'s murderers" (GM @162.t).

"the temple of [Thrumbraian Apollon] ... was neutral territory" (GM @163.a). [no-man's-land wedged in between adverse political states]

"That is how ... to fix the contours of the Nine Provinces." (CM&S, p. 196 18:36)

"he says, "... It means that a pestilence is coming" ... .

"[Apollon] ..., shooting deadly arrows among the [Hellenes] day after day. Hundreds perished {scil., of this pestilence}, though

In this way ..., he gets possession" (TsM, p. 689).

(as it happened) no kings or princes suffered" (GM @163.b).

[Haida] "into ten canoes, puts in spruce cones" (TsM, p. 689).

"on the tenth day

"The slave is told to say that he [i.e., the slave's master] is the chief with abalone-shell ear-ornaments" (TsM, p. 689).

[Kalkhant-] made known the presence of the god." (GM @163.b) [\kalke\ 'murex, purple limpet']

"puts lichens on his head and face so that it looks ... gray" (TsM, p. 688). {Mist, also, is a grey disguise.}

"she wrapped him in a magic mist and carried him back" (GM @163.c).

"Raven flies against the chest of the young man who cuts open the whale." (TsM, p. 689)

"gave [Hektor] the brilliant purple baldric by which he was later dragged to his death" (GM @163.d).

"He pulls off the skin of an old man ..., throws away the bones" (TsM, p. 688).

"raised a long barrow" (GM @163.e). [containing dead men's bones]

"Yu: spread the divine soil" (CM&S, p. 196 18:36).

"tells ... that a person with a weasel hanging from his nose" (TsM, p. 690).

"hid [Dolon {'flying jib'}]'s ferret-skin cap" (GM @163.g).

"Butterfly", during attempt to cross over between opposite cliffs of a fjo,rd by way of a bridge of kelp (or else

"[Rhesos {'choosing [among] divine decrees'}] and twelve of his companions ... sleep, ...

A single white butterfly (or moth) is accompanied by 12 unslaughtered birds in CBM, p. 71 : one of these birds is skull-headed (divine cause of dying in one's sleep?).

"a grass stalk, which ... he makes look like a fallen tree"), falleth into the sea (TsM, p. 691).

and recovered the spoils from the tamarisk bush" (GM @163.g).

"Raven puts a sharp fishbone into moss and wishes it to enter Eagle's foot." (TsM, p. 691) [Eagle is thunderbird, similar to thunderbolt-wielding Zeus, who is otherwise described a bull-footed (for thundring stampede).]

"At this point [Hera] ... borrowed [Aphro-dite]'s girdle and persuaded Zeus to come and sleep with her" (GM @163.h). [Aphro-dite was born from the sea : is her "girdle" composed of marine biota?]

CBM, p. 72, lower right : nude whore-goddess Tlazol-teotl at crossroads (to indicate that she is a streetwalking slut), opposite (upper right) red nude man, who is her customer.

Butterfly is revived, but only after

"Zeus ... revived [Hektor]" (GM @163.h).

"Hugefish was restored to life" (CM&S, p. 195 18:36).

his own guts are devoured (TsM, p. 691).

"[Medon] killing [Peri-phetes] son of [Kopreus {'dung' (or contents of guts)}]" (GM @163.h).

"[Patro-klos] ... cut down [Sarpedon]." (GM @163.i) However, (GM @163.j) "at Zeus's orders [Apollon] rescued the body, which ... Sleep and Death bore ... away to [Lukia]."

"ordered Pray Steam ... on the border of Mount Feather." (CM&S, p. 195 18:36) [\Mount Feather\ may allude to feathered-winged Pegasos over "an active volcano ... in [Lukia]" (GM @75.6).]

"At night fish oil drips into his [i.e., Raven's] eye. All day long he rubs his eye, and in the evening he dies." (TsM, p. 691)

"[Patro-klos]'s eyes started from his head; ... [Hektor] ... despatched him with a single blow." (GM @163.j)

"[Eu-phorbos {'good herb'}] ..., observing ... wthout fear" (GM @163.j), "is ... reincarnate ... in the philospher [Puth-agoras]" (GM @163.k).

"refused to wait for the great god to give his command for him" (CM&S, p. 195 18:36). {Philosophers often do not wait, until so divinely commanded, to teach.}

"Furiously, the River-god rushed at him, but [Hephaistos] ... dried up the waters with a scorching flame." (GM @163.l)

"The surging waters of the Flood overflowed ... . Hugefish stole the breathing-soil ... to dam up the flooding waters." (CM&S, p. 195 18:36)

"Raven ... bringing bark : his face is blackened." (TsM, p. 692)

"[Hektor]'s head, its black locks streaming on either side" (GM @163.m).

"[Akhilleus] sacrificed ... twelve noble [Troian] captives" (GM @163.n).

"gave birth to the years, ten plus two offspring in all." (CM&S, p. 195 18:35)

"The slave sings mourning songs." (TsM, p. 691)

"Sovereign Earth gave birth to Choked Song." (CM&S, p. 195 18:35)

[Haida] "Eagle, when striking the log, says, "Do you feel it?" and the log rolls away." (TsM, p. 692) {Though a yo-yo would have made for a better parallelism.}

"the [Hellenes] set up as pair of scales outside the city" (GM @163.o). {with a scale-balance's librational vertical motion, cf. the sentient log's volitional rolling?}

"Raven asks Eagle for a little oil to grease his face" (TsM, p. 692).

Akhilleus requaesteth of Priamos that his daughter Polu-xene be given to him (GM @163.o). {Priamos would "lose face" (become disgraced) if he were to give his daughter to a man who is seeking to capture an eloped woman (Helene).}

[Bellabella] "The Master of the Tides causes the sea to fall, and Raven and his sister ... (Crow) gather" (TsM, p. 692).

"birds flying overhead fell down stunned" (GM @163.o).

"you desire your land to be prosperous" (GM @163.p).

"restored the rich grainlands" (CM&S, p. 195 18:34).

[Haida] "her labret is flapping its wings in her lip, as it always does when it wants something" (TsM, p. 693).

Akhilleus "committed necrophily upon" Penthesileia's body (GM @164.a).

"Art Tool's head was square and the crown of his head was flat." (CM&S, p. 195 18:34) [description of labret?]

{The labret could imply sexual (genital?) contact with her lips, such as is commonplace in tribadism.}

"[Akhilleus] then set sail for Lesbos" (GM @164.b). [Lesbos is, of course, renowned as the Hellenic centre for tribadism.}

A son of Lawo-medon is Tithonos (DCM, s.v. "Tithonus", p. 457a). "[Tithonos] emigrated to {read "immigrated to"} [Assuria]" (GM @164.c).

"Play Tool gave birth to Pray Steam. Pray Steam came down to earth to live ... .

"persuaded ... [Tithonos] of [Assuria], to sent his son [Memnon] the [Aithiopian] to [Troia]" (GM @164.c).

Pray Steam gave birth to Common Work the god." (CM&S, p. 195 18:34)

"[Tithonos] governed the province of Persia for the [Assurian] king [Teutamos]" (GM @164.d).

"Regulate Jointly" (CM&S, p. 195 18:34).

"dividing among themselves the ... munitions" (GM @164.d).

"to fix the contours ... into equal divisions." (CM&S, p. 195 18:33)

"had been exposed as a child ... by his mother [W]Anaxibia" (GM @164.e). [\wanaxi-bia\ 'queen by force']

"was the first one to create a kingdom." (CM&S, p. 195 18:32) [This may have been accomplished by force-and-violence.]

"terror made its team-mate unmanageable." (GM @164.e)

"Big Alike" (CM&S, p. 195 18:32).

"The bones of [Anti-lokhos] were laid beside those of his friends, [Akhilleus] and [Patro-klos], whose ghosts he accompanied to the Asphodel Fields." (GM @164.e)

"to Three Body." (CM&S, p. 195 18:31)

"the mouth of the river [aiSEPos], where a village bears his name." (GM @164.g) [\SEPia\ 'cuttlefish']

"The great god Foremost had eight children in all" (CM&S, p. 195 18:30). {8 in number are likewise an oktopous's tentacles.}

"She pinches her child so that it cries" (TsM, p. 693).

"[Memnon]'s girl companions ... lamented for him so excessively that

[Haida] "her mother-in-law observes that she has a [bird's] tail" (TsM, p. 693).

the gods ... metamorphosed them into birds." (GM @164.h)

"utters a sound like the breaking of a lyre-string" (GM @164.i).

"was the one who invented the lute" (CM&S, p. 195 18:30).

"[Apollon] ... turned his bow and guided the fatal shaft." (GM @164.j)

"Yi the Archer was the first to show pity for humans" (CM&S, p. 195 18:29).

"sent it back to camp ..., despite a shower of darts" (GM @164.j).

"Turnabout was the first one to make a bow and arrow." (CM&S, p. 194 18:28)

[Tlingit] "At night she kills her husband with a sharp stick. ...

Although Polu-xene hath agreed to marry Akhilleus, she hath him slain with "a sword." (GM @164.k)

She has her face painted black." (TsM, p. 693)

"bestow ... an island in the Black Sea"(GM @164.l).

"winning the chariot race" (GM @164.m).

"first used wood to make a chariot." (CM&S, p. 194 18:27)

"She asks them to tie up the fingers of her right hand" (TsM, p. 693).

Akhilleus "was her {i.e., Helene's} fifth husband" (GM @164.n). [Repraesented by "tying the knot" on the 5th finger of her right hand?]

"as the sun is sinking, the [Eleian] women honour him" (GM @164.p).

"Lucky Glare." (CM&S, p. 194 18:27)

"overheard a party of young girls chattering together" (GM @165.a).

"gave birth to Ape Call." (CM&S, p. 194 18:27)

"When she is sitting by {bye} her husband's body ..., she eats of it." (TsM, p. 693)

"Even a slave-woman will do as much, once someone has set a corpse on her" (GM @165.a).

"Choosing ... white-footed ..., he flogged it with a horse's halter, ...

"gave birth to White Horse." (CM&S, p. 194 18:26)

"On the following morning, the chief sees that Raven looks like a man." (TsM, p. 694)

calling it perfidious [Odusseus]." (GM @165.c)

"they fill six large baskets in a very short time." (TsM, p. 696)

"gave him the huge, sevenfold shield" (GM @165.d).

"son of [Priamos]'s captive sister Hesione" (GM @165.d).

"Pretty Girl, the Liaison Wife." (CM&S, p. 194 18:25)

"she ... wants him ["the child"] buried behind a point of land." (TsM, p. 694)

"The great god Flame's grandson is Lord Hill." (CM&S, p. 194 18:25)

"carrying a person all over the world until finally he drops into the sea" (TsM, p. 696).

"he would escape [Athene]'s anger by bathing in a sea pool" (GM @165.d).

"fixed ... upright .., ... calling on Zeus to tell ...; ...

"the Country of Peg[-]divine[-]power." (CM&S, p. 194 18:24) [the power to inform?]

[Cherokee] "the Bear slits his [own] side and lets oil run out." (TsM, p. 697)

driving the point underneath his vulnerable arm-pit." (GM @165.e)

"Owl putting an awl into his [own] eye" (TsM, p. 697).

"to diagnose ... madness from ... flashing eyes" (GM @165.f).

"went sadly out" (GM @165.f).

"The Country of Big[-]gloom is here." (CM&S, p. 194 18:23)

[Wichita] "he tears off his [own] scalp." (TsM, p. 700)

"he stood, tearing his [own] hair" (GM @165.g).

"Condor ... has his wife bring ... fresh meat." (TsM, p. 698)

"must be left for the greedy kites and pious vultures." (GM @165.g)

"the Dark[-]mound Folk." (CM&S, p. 194 18:23)

[Arapaho] "he combs his wife's hair, paints the parting" (TsM, p. 698).

"to display ... [{Aias's wife} Tekmessa]'s hair" (GM @165.g).

"with its bushy tail." (CM&S, p. 194 18:23)

"to be buried in a suicide's coffin at Cape [Rhoiteon]" (GM @165.g).

"Its name is Mount Gloomy[-]city." (CM&S, p. 194 18:23)

"by Thetis's contrivance the waves deposited them" (GM @165.i). [Did Thetis need to beg Poseidon to command the depositing?]

"The people of Base[-]herder have Beg as their family name." (CM&S, p. 194 18:22)

"high sees washed open" (GM @165.i).

"gave birth to Longago Dragon." (CM&S, p. 194 18:22) [Had this dragon who did the washing-open been the one who had long prior performed the depositing?]

"sits down on his perch, and catches" (TsM, p. 699).

"a boulder is shown on which Telamon sat gazing at ... his sons" (GM @165.j). [One of said sons had interred the cadavre of his "half-brother" (DCM, s.v. "Teucer 2", p. 441a) Aias.]

"The name of the bound man is the Corpse of Aide Lookback." (CM&S, p. 194 18:21) [The binding may be of the bindweed whose blossom spelleth "Ai! Ai!" (GM @165.j).]

"Forbidden to land, he pleaded his case from the sea" (GM @165.k).

"flows east to enter the sea." (CM&S, p. 193 18:20)

"there being a hole in the ice, and a host" (TsM, p. 699).

On Kupros, Euru-sakes "founded the other Salamis." (GM @165.k) [\SALAMbe\ 'vent-hole']

"surrendered the sovereignty of Salamis to them." (GM @165.l).

"This place is on the boundary" (CM&S, p. 193 18:19).

"Kingfisher puts a string ... around his waist, and dives" (TsM, p. 699).

The shepherd of Lemnian king Aktor ('leash'), namely

DoLoPHion [\DeLPHak-\ 'adult swine'], is father of (GM @166.b)

{DELBa`eth (DCeM, s.v. "Delba`eth 3") "kindled a druidical fire", making for "the five instances of the tribal ... name Delbna."}

DALBHya (PE, q.v., p. 195a -- Vamana 39) "burnt Dhr.ta[-]ras.t.ra's kingdom in the sacrificial fire." This kingdom is the 5-fold realm Pan~cala.

Phimakhos [\phimos\ {< *[BHIMo-\} 'muzzle' + \akhos-\ 'mental distress'], who attended to the needs of the isolared Philo-ktetes ['loving to acquire'] (GM @166.b).

The s`udra BHIMa (Padma -- PE, s.v. "Bhima VI") attended to the needs of a lonely brahmin.

[Shoshoni; Ute; Apache; Caddo] "the animal shoots an arrow, which flies back" (TsM, p. 698).

"tricked ... into handing over the bow and arrows; but ... advised to demand return of his property." (GM @166.c)

[Arapaho] "the Water Ousel sharpens his [own] leg" (TsM, p. 700).

"[Makhaon] the surgeon cut away the decaying flesh from the wound" (GM @166.d) in the foot of Philo-ktetes.

[Tlingit, Skidegate, Tsimshian] "Raven is punished by having his ankle broken" (TsM, p. 702).

"The fourth struck his ankle, wounding him mortally." (GM @166.e)

[Thompson] "catches ... in a net, and ... strikes a rock" (TsM, p. 700).

"caught her tying a rope to the battlements" (GM @166.f).

Between the rival claims of Helenos and Dei-phobos, Priamos's decision in favor of Dei-phobos was "much to the disgust of the other [Troians]" (GM @166.f), who doubted the validity of Dei-phobos's claim.

"Between them is Mount Nine[-]doubts" (CM&S, p. 193 18:19).

[Micmac and Penobscot] "obtains insects for his guest" (TsM, p. 700). {cf. insect-sized crustaceans sucked up by oxyrhynchus-fish}

"staying as [Khruses]'s guest in the temple of [Thumbraian Apollon]" (GM @166.g). [\thumbra\ (< *\DHUMRa\) is cognate with \DHUMRa-aks.a\, brother of (Uttara Rama-ayan.a -- PE, s.v. "Dhumraks.a II.1)", p. 240a) (\utkat.a\ 'fluid from male elephant in muste')]

"Mount Cinnamon." (CM&S, p. 193 18:18) {Strong's 7076 \qinnamown\, cognate with \qannuwmah\ 'oxyrhynchus-fish' (DMWA, p. 928b), otherwise known as 'freshwater elephantfish' (family Mormyridae)}

"at [Pergamos], ... the name of [Euru-pulos] may not be spoken on any occasion." (GM @166.i)

"Mount Mushroom." (CM&S, p. 193 18:18) [\MUshrooM\ can be abbreviated to \MUM\.]

[Mescalero Apache] "Woodpecker spreads out his wings, and Coyote believes that the red under the wings is lightning." (TsM, p. 700)

"[Makhaon]'s garlanded bronze statue dominates the sacred place called 'The Rose'." (GM @166.i) [a red rose?]

When Tawhaki "assumed his divinity, the lightning flashing from his armpits. ... The red color on the feathers of the kaka bird is from ... Tāwhaki." (EM, s.v. "Tawhaki")

"his price was ... half of [Priamos]'s treasure." (GM @166.j) {Aequal halves can be meted out by balancing on a scale.}

"Mount Balance." (CM&S, p. 193 18:18)

"filthy ... as a runaway slave." (GM @166.k)

"the mushroom-dog." (CM&S, p. 193 18:17) [dirty as a dung-sprouted mushroom, but sprinting like a greyhound?]

"clothed him in fine robes" (GM @166.k).

"He wears purple clothes" (CM&S, p. 193 18:17).

"at once threw himself at her feet" (GM @166.k).

"They have bird's feet." (CM&S, p. 193 18:17)

"the two of them set out ..., under a full moon" (GM @166.l).

"Here is the land of the Full Folk." (CM&S, p. 193 18:17)

[Chippewa of Lake Superior] "by climbing a tree and pecking it, ... he obtains raccoons" (TsM, p. 700). [Raccoons often den within a hollow tree.]

"built an enormous hollow horse of fir planks ..., and ... persuaded the bravest ... to climb ... up ... into ... the horse." (GM @167.c)

[Caddo] "Woodpecker has a light on his head." (TsM, p. 700)

"Sinon ... stayed behind to light a signal beacon" (GM @167.d).

[Mescalero Apache] "the Bees ... make a lodge, which they shake." (TsM, p. 700)

"Even when the wall had been breached, it stuck four times." (GM @167.e)

[Kickapoo] "paints his wife and children white." (TsM, p. 700)

"[Kassandra] ... was supported in her view by the seer [La[w]o-koon]" (GM @167.e).

"He tells him that he desires to eat him" (TsM, p. 702).

"to name the victim ... pointed at me." (GM @167.f)

"things ... moving about, as though women were working" (TsM, p. 702).

"the image ... its limbs sweated in proof of the goddess" (GM @167.g).

"The women in the corner of the house hear his thoughts and repeat them, laughing." (TsM, p. 702)

"had angered ... by lying with his wife [Anti-ope] in sight of the god's image." (GM @167.h)

{Can sexual activity at a temple's altar-with-idol impart sacred-but-forbidden telepathic powers?}

"a rock is thrown" (TsM, p. 703).

"having stoned their priest ... to death" (GM @167.h).

"sent two great sea-serpents ... rushing ... around the limbs of ... twin sons" (GM @167.i).

"Both their hands hold a snake, and ... they are chewing on these snakes." (CM&S, p. 193 18:16)

"[Melanthos]" (GM @167.i). [\melanthion\ 'Nigella sativa']

"the Black people ... have a tiger's head" (CM&S, p. 193 18:16). [cf. Fo,n (of Dahomey) black-panther god "Agassou the two sided mirror" (= Aztec black mirror-god Tezcatlanextia)]

Blackseed 'Nigella indica/sativa' is, in Skt, \kun~cika\ : with \kun~caya-\ 'to frounce', cf. sinuous-bladed kris, whereof the namesake is Tawhaki's brother Karihi (< *\Karisi\).

"merrymaking." (GM @167.j)

"they laugh and laugh" (CM&S, p. 193 18:15).

"garlanded ..., and spread a carpet of roses" (GM @167.j).

"the Land of Tribute." (CM&S, p. 193 18:15)

[Takelma] "the spear-shaft fights with him; he breaks it ... .

"the point of [La[w]o-koon]'s spear broke through" (GM @167.k).

He goes home, his face blackened" (TsM, p. 703).

"There are black snakes

[Bellabella] "When the grass is long." (TsM, p. 703) [green grass]

with a green head" (CM&S, p. 193 18:14).

"mussel-shells ... into the Deer blanket" (TsM, p. 703). [rolled-up into the blanket]

"Besides, there is the country of Crimson[-]roll." (CM&S, p. 193 18:14)

"[Epeios]'s rope-ladder." (GM @167.m)

"The River Rope rises" (CM&S, p. 192 18:13).

"Wolf ... carries the body home" (TsM, p. 704).

"dragged the body ..., headless" (GM @168.a). [dragged along the soil?]

"produces a fine-grained soil ...-follow." (CM&S, p. 192 18:13)

"then hung a leopard skin over the door" (GM @168.b). [square portal?]

"Flowing[-]yellow ... square." (CM&S, p. 192 18:13)

"[Mounitos {\mouniad-\ 'turnip'}] ... died of a serpent's bite." (GM @168.e)

"After Glow {cf. interior whiteness of turnip?} is the one who is the first to be a Big[-]snake man." (CM&S, p. 192 18:13)

"The tree sits on ..., and its branches take hold of the meat" (TsM, p. 705).

"[Kassandra] ... clutched the wooden image" (GM @168.f).

"the Founding Tree ... has nine tanglewoods above" (CM&S, p. 192 18:12).

"on the [Guraian] Rocks." (GM @168.f)

[\guros\ "trench made round a tree"]

"Here are the Nine Mounds girdled with water." (CM&S, p. 192 18:11)

"His sister puts the empty box on his head" (TsM, p. 705). [empty = hairless?]

"on the island of [Mukonos]" (GM @168.f) "the people were said to be all bald".

"there are people here with a bird's head." (CM&S, p. 192 18:10) [bald-headed vultures?]

"they see that his tongue is black" (TsM, p. 705).

"wore black for a whole year; and

"the Country of Ape[-]mid." (CM&S, p. 192 18:9) [black-furred ape?]

now annually launch a black-sailed ship" (GM @168.f).

"the River Black" (CM&S, p. 192 18:9).

"for a thousand years." (GM @168.g)

"Divine-powered Long[-]life" (CM&S, p. 192 18:8)

"to obstruct the trail of the Wolves and to prevent their jumping over it" (TsM, p. 706).

"smuggle them into the sanctuary ... by way of an underground passage" (GM @168.g) .

"the Wilderness of City[-]breadth." (CM&S, p. 191 18:8)

"whirld him around ... and flung him on the rocks far below." (GM @168.h)

"someone goes up on high from this mountain and comes back down it again, and

[Takelma] "whose pancreas is stolen and used as a shinny-ball." (TsM, p. 706) [Is this ball thrown or bounced into the sky?]

{Did the soul of Astu-[w]anax therepon ascend into Heaven?}

he reaches right up into the sky." (CM&S, p. 191 18:7)

"a ghost appeared on the Rhoitean headland" (GM @168.i). [do ghosts never die?]

"Its name is Mount Never[-]die." (CM&S, p. 191 18:6)

"[Polu-xene] must not be denied to [Akhilleus], who loved her." (GM @168.j)

"Fence Flow ... married the daughter of the Calm family" (CM&S, p. 191 18:5).

"while she stoops over the water, he clubs her" (TsM, p. 706).

"She was sacrificed ... in the sight of the whole army; whereupon favouring winds sprang up at once." (GM @168.k)

"Thunder Foremost {praeceding brisk winds}, wife of the great god Yellow, gave birth to Radiant Thought." (CM&S, p. 191 18:5) {"Radiant Thought" = expectation for nostoi ('homecomings')?}

Whaititi ('thundre') is the sky-goddess who married Kai-tanata and who gave birth to Hema as her-and-his son. Later,

"the Country of Dawn[-]cloud" (CM&S, p. 191 18:5)

a cloud came down and took her to the sky." Before departing,

"The River Liking" (CM&S, p. 191 18:4). {a woman's liking for her co-wife?}

"She taught ... chant and ritual to her co-wife"

(IEMM&L, s.v. "Whaititi", p. 241b).

"Mount Evens" (CM&S, p. 191 18:4). {counting out vegetables as even (aequal) with the Heaven's ordinal number?}

In "the tenth of the skies" (IEMM&L, s.v. "Tawhaki", p. 193b), she "was sitting counting out ten taro" (IEMM&L, s.v. "Whaititi", p. 242a).

[Loucheux] "Grizzly Bear's daughter ... finds a copper" (TsM, p. 708).

"promising him ... gold" (GM @168.l).

"Here there is yellow gold" (CM&S, p. 191 18:4).

"goes to the trees and asks them whether they emit sparks" (TsM, p. 707).

"[Dei-philos {'destruction-loving'}]" was deliberately "killed" by "his own" father (GM @168.l).

"country named Flood[-]leaf." (CM&S, p. 191 18:3)

Maori god Tini-rau ('many leaves') brought a veritable deluge of fishes, all killed by Tini-rau who brought them.

[Chilcotin] "The girl comes ..., and is told ... to sit in front of the fire with legs spread ... .

In the form of "a bitch with eyes of fire" (DCM, s.v. "Hecuba", p. 184a), she "then climbed down to the lowest part of the mast or the sailyard." (scholion to Euripides : Hekabe -- "DOKH") {Her station on the sailyard would allow men's erotic peering under her skirt.}

"the women ... have first to perform an erotic dance so that ...

He whispers to the wood to fly into her lap ..., to burn her groin" (TsM, p. 708).

{cf. S^into myth wherein goddess, in giving birth to fire-god, suffereth burning of her genitalia.}

"one of those fearful {read "fearsome"} black bitches ... swam away towards the Hellespont" (GM @168.n)[, which is a marine chasm betwixt continents].

"country named Chasm[-]market." (CM&S, p. 191 18:2)

"Since ... his face looks different ..., his father repudiates him" (TsM, p. 709).

they can identify him [i.e., Kae] by his uneven teeth." (IEMM&L, s.v. "Tinirau", p. 215b)

"K.itol ... recognizes ... by the tattooing of ... legs" (TsM, p. 709).

"[ASKANios] eventually succeeded." (GM @168.o) [\ASKANtes\ 'pallet']

"They cuddle each other sensuously" (CM&S, p. 191 18:1). [could this cuddling involve intwining of legs whilst reclining on a pallet?]

"He'>o ... puts his ... mucus in a mussel-shell, and it becomes a child. ... The child cries ..., he throws it down, and it is retransformed into mucus." (TsM, p. 709)

"The land of Sky[-]poison is here too." CM&S, p. 191 18:1)

"On the following morning, when his [Master Fisherman's] wife goes out, Raven makes fun of her, saying, "Your privates are red."" (TsM, p. 710)

"there is a country. Its name is Dawn[-]fresh." CM&S, p. 191 18:1) [Dawn is red, alike unto the vulva of an erotically excited woman.]