Compraehensive Correlative Mutual Alignments of Sequential Events in Major Mythologic Systems Worldwide, part 22



CHINESE STANDARD SEQUENCE (Mountains and Seas Classic) OF MYTHIC LOCALITIES [backwards sequence]


[Comox; Nootka; southern Kwakiutl] "Thunderbird and another bird play a game of rolling the hoop, which Thunderbird looses." (TsM, p. 712)

Mene-la[w]os located god Proteus "among the seals" (GM @169.a). [A seal can be trained to swim, or even to jump, through hoops.]

Nigh "the [Euboian] coast, [Nau-plios] had kindled a beacon on Mount [Kaphareus]" (GM @169.b). [Rotating beacons typically emit their flashing beam through vertical slits.]

"There is a god-human here with ... vertical eyes that are in a straight seam. ... When the deity looks with his eyes, there is light." (CM&S, p. 188 17:33)

"to let her see his true face" (TsM, p. 713).

"the Loppy[-]ears people." (CM&S, p. 188 17:32)

"Then the bones revive" (TsM, p. 714).

"The people here have no bones." (CM&S, p. 188 17:32)

"finds a small piece of root, which blows on the ground." (TsM, p. 715)

"A wild fig-tree" (GM @169.c).

"a scarlet tree with green leaves" (CM&S, p. 188 17:31).

"Mink ... hides behind the door." (TsM, p. 715) {cf. concealment of illegitimate parentage?}

"at [Nothion {\notheia\ "birth out of wedlock"}]" (GM @169.c).

A wooden whale "drags the Thunderbirds under water." (TsM, p. 716)

"Mount Nin{e}th[-]shade" (CM&S, p. 188 17:31). {"if the shadow of a bird is hit with a piece of wood that was struck by thunder, the bird falls to the ground" (RSCh, vol. 2, pp. 84-85, fn. 4).}

"[Surnos], ringed around with mountains; their summits ... support the blue firmament" (GM @169.d).

"Mount Balance[-]stone" (CM&S, p. 188 17:31).

"When he shouts, a bright youth appears" (TsM, p. 717).

"retired to his own city of [Amphi-lokhian Argos-]" (GM @169.e). [\argos\ 'flickering light']

"There is a mountain here called Mount Brilliant." (CM&S, p. 188 17:30)

"cuts his own stomach and carries the fat of his [own] intestines home." (TsM, p. 717)

"to see the fat carcasses ... being hauled away" ((GM @169.h).

"They are meat-eaters." (CM&S, p. 188 17:30)

"To'alaL!it ... wears a large hat. ... . ... his wife cannot lift the quiver" (TsM, p. 717).

"'... you accepted the throne,' [Phullis {\phullid-\ = \phullad-\ 'leafy'] answered" (GM @169.i).

"The Sprout Folk have Govern as their family name." (CM&S, p. 188 17:30)

"made a lunatic of him.


He leaped on his horse ..., belabouring its head ...

horse Head." (CM&S, p. 188 17:30)

as he was flung over the horse's head." (GM @169.j)

"there are people who have wings." (CM&S, p. 188 17:30)

"The Wolves transform the meat, so that it is very easy to carry." (TsM, p. 717)

"King [Lukos {'Wolf'}] would have sacrificed him ..., had not the princess [Kalli-rrhoe] helped him to escape" (GM @169.k).

"Here is the Country of Hound[-]armour." (CM&S, p. 188 17:29)

"set him firmly on his throne again." (GM @169.k)

"the Mound of Hold[-]fast." (CM&S, p. 188 17:29)

"The guests disappear" (TsM, p. 718).

Dio-medes "suddenly diappeared by an act of divine magic" (GM @169.k).

"[Kleisi-thura]" (GM @169.l). [\kleision\ 'penthouse' + \thura\ 'door']

"a country called Mid[-]wheel." (CM&S, p. 188 17:28)

"The Grizzly Bear snuffs him in" (TsM, p. 719).

"Their food here is pure air" (CM&S, p. 187 17:27).

"Grasshopper kills Elk" (TsM, p. 719).

"founded [Petelia]" (GM @169.m). [\petelid-\ 'locust']

"The Bear Woman ... tears out his arm and runs off with it" (TsM, p. 719).

"have Laden as their family name." (CM&S, p. 187 17:27)

"He touches the screens ..., and they give forth a loud noise." (TsM, p. 719)

"they have Terror as their family name" (CM&S, p. 187 17:26).

"The arm ... is ... healed on by the snail" (TsM, p. 720).

"Here is a people with ... eye that grows right in the middle of their face." (CM&S, p. 187 17:26)

"Raven has been gathering fish" (TsM, p. 720).

"Mount Fish." (CM&S, p. 187 17:25)

"he is going to build a canoe for his mother-in-law" (TsM, p. 720).

"Mount Gentleman" (CM&S, p. 187 17:25).

"the two go up ..., each in his own canoe." (TsM, p. 721)

"Mount Equal[-]isle" (CM&S, p. 187 17:25).

"In pillage ... spared only" (GM @170.a).

"The Corpse of King Declare" (CM&S, p. 187 17:24).

"the [lotos] is a stoneless, saffron-coloured fruit ...

"There is a scarlet animal here ...,

making those who have tasted it lose all memory" (GM @170.a).

but headless." (CM&S, p. 187 17:24)

"took a stake of green olive-wood, sharpened" (GM @170.c).

"Sprout Dragon gave birth to

"The eye hissed" (GM @170.d).

Steam My. Steam My gave birth to

"then defeat those of Makali>i {'eyen small'}, although half their size." (HM, p. 357)

"tied each ... in turn under the belly of a ram, the middle one of three" (GM @170.d).

Fondle Bright. {fondling the belly?} Fondle Bright gave birth to

"allows him to untie the cord with which she has been bound against the approach of men" (HM, p. 357).

"land and have a shooting-match.

"hurled a large rock ...; its backwash ... . ... He hurled another, even larger rock ...;

"a rainbow accompanies him" (HM, p. 358). [accompaniment of water-spray?]

... squirts water from his mouth and wishes ... . Nevertheless" (TsM, p. 721).

so that the wave which it raised carried ... swiftly" (GM @170.f).

White Hound." (CM&S, p. 187 17:24) [ocean-breaker capped with white foam?]

"But [Poseidon] listened to [Polu-phemos]" (GM @170.f).

"The River Obey" (CM&S, p. 187 17:24).

"The Isle of [Aiolos], Warder of the Winds" (GM @170.g).

"Mount Steam[-]father." (CM&S, p. 187 17:24)

"Oropa>a ... lies head upwards when the breezes come." (HM, p. 360)

"steals a chief's dancing-blanket" (TsM, p. 722).

"His men ... untied the bag" (GM @170.g).

"Be ye girdled with the mat of Rukutia" (HM, p. 360).

"reached [Aiaia] ..., ruled over by the goddess [KIRKe], daughter of [Helios] and [Perse]" (GM @170.i).

"There is a girl ... . Her name is Sacrificial Vessel, daughter of the River Scarlet." (CM&S, p. 187 17:23)

"she is ... Crochan Crocderg ..., "the blood-red cup."" (ECM&F, s.v. "Crochan"). cf. (HM, p. 185) "Red eel-woman" (Kapo ...)".

[Kwakiutl] "he puts on his deer mask ...,

"having surreptitiously smelt the [molu] flower, ...

"When Kamapua>a attacked Pele ...,

is captured, and then

[Odusseus] would not respond to her amorous advances until ... .

Kapo sent this kohe as a lure" (HM, p. 187) : "Kapo's power to

carries away the girl's privates" (TsM, p. 722).

Once this was done, he gladly stayed" (GM @170.k).

separate her female sexual organ" (HM, p. 186).

"wafted them to ... where the fog-bound [Kimmerioi] ... are denied all view of the Sun." (GM @170.m)

"Here is Mount Bell." (CM&S, p. 187 17:23) [praesumably, a fog-bell, kept tolling in any fog-bound harbour]

"A mixed crowd of ghosts swarmed ... . At last Teiresias appeared ... and warned [Odusseus] ... lest ... tempted to steal the cattle of Sun-Titan [Huper-ion]." (GM @170.n)

"the people of the country of Deepset[-]eyes Folk. {Eye-sockets of ghosts might even be hollow.} They have Sunlight as a family name." (CM&S, p. 187 17:22)

"[Odusseus] at last permitted his mother to quench her thirst." (GM @170.o)

"The former water courses that she had done away with are reopened and connected" (CM&S, p. 187 17:21).

"He [Coyote] asks that a curtain be put up ..., and has [sexual] intercourse with her" (TsM, p. 722).

"the ghosts of numerous queens and princesses trooped up" (GM @170.o).

"Drought[-]ghoul escapes ... and people ... drive her away" (CM&S, p. 187 17:21).

"Mano who slapped her [own] abdomen" (HM, p. 358).

"planted his oar on the barrow as a memorial." (GM @170.q)

"Then Reap Even became the Forefather of the Fields." (CM&S, p. 187 17:21)

"Mouse woman tells him the right name of the chief" (TsM, p. 723).

"Now they sat and sang in a meadow among the heaped bones of sailors whom they had drawn to their death." (GM @170.q)

"with Jest Much in the Wilderness of Hope[-]island." (CM&S, pp. 186-187 17:20)

"In the time of Hua there is a famine." (HM, p. 358) ["The bones of Hua are rattling in the sun." (AW, # 17 : "APH". In :- EAHR&S, p. 89)]

"[Odusseus]'s ... in passing between two cliffs, ... [Skulle] ..., leaning over the gunwales, snatched ... sailors ... .

{Wu-zhi-qi "appeared as ... Its neck reached nearly 100 feet when stretched" (HChM, s.v. "Yu", p. 239).}

... [Odusseus] ... dared not attempt a rescue, and sailed on." (GM @170.t)

"This is where the Terrace of Common Work is situated. Bowmen do not dare to face in its direction." (CM&S, p. 186 17:20)

"seiing that [Odusseus]'s ship had been launched again, sent ...

"Mount Not[-]hooked.

crashing down on deck.

"sounding the drum over the sea." (HM, p. 359)

The ship foundered" (GM @170.v).

Sea water flows into it." (CM&S, p. 186 17:19)

"He contrived to lash the floating mast and keel together" (GM @170.v).

"Here is Mount Peak. Very tall bamboos grow on it." (CM&S, p. 186 17:18)

"for the lashings of the outrigger of a canoe" (HM, p. 361).

"sucked towards [Kharubdis]'s whirlpool.

"three times the fluid seeped in. So then Yu: made it into a pool." (CM&S, p. 186 17:17)

"saves him from the tide kupua who would drag ... to the bottom." (HM, p. 356)

Clutching at the bole of a wild fig-tree which grew from the cliff above,he hung on grimly

[Maori] "Tura joins ... canoe ... but when it enters a whirlpool he catches the overhanging boughs of a tree" (HM, p. 502).

"is rubbed with the contents of the Porcupine chief's wives stomachs" (TsM, p. 723). [regurgitated contents]

until the mast and keel had been swallowed and regurgitated" (GM @170.v).

"his aunt ... nibbles ... which releases the food ... drawn up" (HM, p. 356).

"Bear calls him in, ties him [i.e., Pocupine] up" (TsM, p. 724).

Leuko-thea ('white goddess) "carried a veil, which she told [Odusseus] to wind around his middle" (GM @170.y).

"Aide Come[-]after had ... a ... body which was coiled around himself [i.e., around the god Common Work]." (CM&S, p. 186 17:17)

"Supernatural Being Who Went Naked ... . The girls see him and want to marry him." (TsM, p. 797)

Upon arrival at the isle of [Drepane], Odusseus "had no clothes" (GM @170.z) when princess Nausi-kaa approached him.

"puts a sandstone on his back and crushes the spines" (TsM, p. 799).

"[Poseidon] struck the ship with the flat of his hand ..., and turned her into stone,

"Responding Dragon ... now ... killed Boast Father." (CM&S, p. 186 17:15)

"human bones burst out of the wood" (TsM, p. 800).

crew and all." (GM @170.z).

"the Sun causes the sea to freeze" (TsM, p. 802).

"When [Odusseus] awoke he did not at first recognize his native land,

"Mount Success[-]city-carries[-]the[-]sky." (CM&S, p. 186 17:15)

"her beauty would overshadow ... the sun,

"His father-in-law produces a fog; ... and

over which [Athene] had cast a distortive glamour." (GM @171.a)

[success = arrival in native land; carrying of the sky = distortive glamour]

so that ... the fog ... would flow ... . After this, the form of Malana[-]i[-]kua[-]heahea

the people believe that he cannot move." (TsM, p. 803)

would be seen ..., in all her beauty." (HM, p. 366)

"the boy digs it out, and finds himself in its mouth"(TsM, p. 805).

"She helped him stow ... in the shelter of a cave" (GM @171.a).

"A cave is pointed out ...

"the youth throws the bark down, pushes it about, and carries it home" (TsM, p. 806).

["And in the cave are long looms of stone, at which the nymphs weave webs of purple dye" (Odusseia 13.95-125).]

where [goddess] Lu>ukia is said to have taught tapa beating to the women of Hana." (HM, p. 361)

"tells him to scratch his back when he is out of breath" (TsM, p. 724).

"tormented by fleas.

\>ukulele\ (H-ED, q.v.) 'flea; guitar'. [so-called, because plucking of strings resembleth back-stratching]

"Porcupine strikes the fire with his tail." (TsM, p. 725)

[Argos] wagged the raw stump of a tail" (GM @171.d).

"with fringed edges ... after the fork-tailed lizard." (HM, p. 360)

"Vessel of moss!" (TsM, p. 725)

"hoisted his rags, tucked them under" (GM @171.f).

"Be ye girdled with the mat" (HM, p. 360).

"at the sight of his bulging muscles" (GM @171.f).

"with ... long forearms. His name is Strong Good." (CM&S, p. 185 17:14)

"Strong-chested ... who has such long legs" (HM, p. 354).

"he succeeds ... by eating" (TsM, p. 726).

"settled to their afternoon's feasting" (GM @171.f).

"He is biting on ... and also gripping ..." (CM&S, p. 185 17:14).

"accused of eating tapu food" (HM, p. 358).

"in heaven ... They make a ring of the size of a face ... . ...

"to take down ... and store ... in the armoury" (GM @171.g).

"It name is Mount North[-]pole-sky[-]box." (CM&S, p. 185 17:14)

She catches up with him in the middle of the sky and holds him." (TsM, p. 727)

"recognized the scar on his thigh ...; so he gripped her" (GM @171.g).

"he treads two ... underfoot. This god-human ... is Ape Strong." (CM&S, p. 185 17:13)

"after softening with tallow" (GM @171.h).

"Adorn Jerkin

"shooting [Anti-noos]" (GM @171.h).

killed Tender Human." (CM&S, p. 185 17:11)

"stealing off by a side door to fetch" (GM @171.i).

"have Verger at their family name" (CM&S, p. 185 17:11).

"[Athene] in the guise of a swallow flew twittering" (GM @171.i).

"This is where the flocking birds moult." (CM&S, p. 185 17:10)

'had locked the palace women in their quarters" (GM @171.i).

"It is square-shaped and it measures ... leagues all {a}round." (CM&S, p. 185 17:10)

"house ... to which she retired during her monthly periods" (HM, p. 361).

"the herald, and ... the bard; these [Odusseus] spared" (GM @171.i).

"The country of Start[-]isle" (CM&S, p. 185 17:9). {herald and bard needed to re-start court-caerimonies?}

"maid-servants were summoned and set to cleanse the hall with ... water" (GM @171.i).

"the River Obey rises from Mount Obey." (CM&S, p. 185 17:8)

"He blackens one side of his face with charcoal" (TsM, p. 727).

Melantheus ('swarthy') is

"sparks fly out of the mouth ..., and become stars." (TsM, p. 727)

"docked of ... extremities -- nose, ears ... ." (GM @171.i)

[Mangaia] "broke Matariki into six little pieces {viz., into 6 individual stars}" (HM, p. 368).

"The Sun paints his face with his sister's red ochre, which indicates fair weather." (TsM, p. 727)

"at last reunited ..., told them his various adventures" (GM @171.j). ["goddess [Athene] graciously lengthened the duration of the night that followed." (DCM, s.v "Penelope", p. 356a)]

"Mount Longago[-]rail-bigmeet." (CM&S, p. 185 17:8) [reunion?]

"A force of [Ithakan] rebels approached" (GM @171.j).

"the country of North[-]equal. They have Fierce as their family name." (CM&S, p. 185 17:7) [Ithake is the northernmost membre of the Ionian isles.]

"The rebels the brought a combined legal action" (GM @171.j).

"Here is Reap[-]rage Country." (CM&S, p. 185 17:6) [expecting to reap compensation for unwarranted injury done to their kinsfolk?]

"ruled that he [Odusseus] should leave his kingdom and not return" (GM @171.j).

There is Mount Lonago[-]folk." (CM&S, p. 183 17:5) [Odusseus had long ago abandoned his kingdom.]

"set out ... across the mountains ...,

>olopana "settles as Pi>i-honua {'go inland'}" (HM, p. 362).

carrying an oar ... . When he reached [Thesprotia], the countryfolk cried : '... why ... in Springtime?' He accordingly ...

"Attacked Norm Island." (CM&S, p. 183 17:4) [Though for mariners of the isles, oars may be a year-around norm, yet landlubbers regularly mistake these implements for autumnal winnowing-bats.}

"persuade him {i.e., Keawe-aoho} to swim out after a lost oar ... . [HM, p. 498] ... He teaches

married [Kalli-dike], Queen of the [Thesprotians]" (GM @171.k).

Kaanaelike ..., and ... her grandfather ... instructs her to marry the chief" (HM, p. 499).

"[Penelope] was now ruling in the name of their young son" (GM @171.k).

"Big[-]people ... have Govern as their family name." (CM&S, p. 183 17:4)

Tele-gonos is "armed with ... a sting-ray." (GM @171.k)

"Its name is the lute-reptile." (CM&S, p. 183 17:3) [The shape of a lute is somewhat similar to that of the front part of a skull.]

Stingray-god "Lo-lupe" (H-ED, p. 392b) is "invoked in the rite of deification of the dead" (HM, p. 109). [\lo\ (H-ED, q.v.) 'front part of the skull']

"an oracle announced : '[Odusseus], your own son shall kill you!'" (GM @171.k)

"Dread[-]beware[-]clan." (CM&S, p. 183 17:3)

"[Amphi-nomos] of [DOULIKHion]" (GM @171.l). [\DOULIKHoeis\ is the Ionian for \dolikhoeis\ 'lengthy']

"Halbert[-]dont[-]give" (CM&S, p. 183 17:2). [A halbert is a lengthy-handled hatchet.]

"The fruit of this union was the monstrous god [Pa[w]an]" (GM @171.l).

"Mount Stuck[-]ape." (CM&S, p. 183 17:1)

"The girl goes westward, ... she shakes the water out of her garments over her father's fire, which produces fog." (TsM, p. 727)

"[Odusseus] fled for shame to [Aitolia], after sending [Penelope] away in disgrace to her father [Ikarios]" (GM @171.l).

"she [i.e., Na-maka-o-kaha>i] disppears on the land of Kane-huna-moku ['male hidden land']." (HM, p. 496)