Compraehensive Correlative Mutual Alignments of Sequential Events in Major Mythologic Systems Worldwide, part 7

Towrah & Seper Yhows^uw<a & Seper S^apat.iym; CATEGORICAL IMPERATIVES (Q[uellen] Eu-angelion)

Edda of I`S-LAND;


CHINESE STANDARD SEQUENCE (Mountains and Seas Classic) OF MYTHIC LOCALITIES [backwards sequence]


The epistle in the possession of Io-bates slanderously vilified Bellero-phon; but Io-bates's contrition earned his becoming forgiven (GM @75.e).

Coyote unwittingly insulted Grizzly by claiming to be of "my kind"; but Coyote's being forgiven for this faux pas is manifested by his being revived (ACAIM, p. 140).

"if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out" (Matthaios 18:9). [Do pluck out from thyself (as though with a hook), any unseemly praesumptuousness.]

"presumptuously undertook a flight to [Olumpos]" (GM @75.f). [His "eye" (his intent on becoming divine) offended the real deities.]

"The River Hook." (CM&S, p. 64 4:4:8)

"proud one" (ACAIM, p. 140).

"a gadfly" (GM @75.f).

"the smelly-weevil." (CM&S, p. 64 4:4:8)

"all full of maggots." (ACAIM, p. 141)

"it is better to enter into life with one eye" (Matthaios 18:9). [Better to be altogether unaware of the divine world, than (through being aware of it) to claim oneself's being divine.]

"a single eye" (CM&S, p. 64 4:4:8) .

"ate grass." (ACAIM, p. 142) [The expression "the grass is greener on the other side" can referr to single-mindedly setting one's "eye" (desire) on some exotic site -- even a divine realm.]

"always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven." (Matthaios 18:10)

"it has a white head" (CM&S, p. 64 4:4:8).

"He dipped fat off the meat with a spoon and put it on Cricket's mouth" (ACAIM, p. 143). [thus cricket's mouth is rendred white.]

"he rejoiceth more of that sheep,

"[Pegasos] ... Zeus now uses ... as a pack-beast" (GM @75.f).

"Hold on to my belt." (ACAIM, p. 144) [a pack-beast's pack is fastened in place with a belt]

than of the ninety and nine" (Matthaios 18:13). {Cf. 99-armed Vaidik god Uran.a, cognate with Hellenic \Ouranos\ 'Sky' : whereas Persian \asman\ 'sky' is cognate with Skt \as`man\ 'stone'.}

"he flew suddenly down on the rock and it split into pieces." (ACAIM, p. 144)

"between thee and him alone" (Matthaios 18:15). [viz., of private (cognate with \privet\) concern]

"had fallen into a thorn-bush" (GM @75.f).

"numerous privet bushes." (CM&S, p. 64 4:4:8)

"Put your legs under my arms" (ACAIM, p. 145). [under = between]

"let him be unto thee as a heathen man and a publican." (Matthaios 18:17)

"You are absolutely no good !" (ACAIM, p. 146)

"whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven." (Matthaios 18:18) [By evading all other humans on earth, one may evade the "angels of destruction" in Heaven.]

"pulled the string and took it off the neck of the wind." (ACAIM, p. 146) [set free (loosed) the wind on Earth and thus in the atmosphaire]

{Qayin wandred about the land, lonely and accursed.}

"wandered about the earth, lonely and accursed, avoiding the paths of men" (GM @75.f).

"put the moccasins on, but only to beat them" (ACAIM, p. 150).

"This animal eats humans, and it also

"Grizzly ... would bite your head." (ACAIM, p. 151)

"until seventy times seven." (Matthaios 18:22) {Is this the numeric of the sea-cucumber?}

Sikuon 'Cucumber' (GM @76.a). [cf. the sea-cucumber, a much-relished gourmet delicacy in Chinese cuisine]

eats reptiles and snakes." (CM&S, p. 64 4:4:7)

"He cooked the fish" (ACAIM, p. 151).

"ten thousand talents [of metallic money]." (Matthaios 18:24) [new-minted coins can be "flashed" (displayed).]

"When they move about they flash." (CM&S, pp. 64-63 4:4:6)

"fished up a knife" (ACAIM, p. 152). [a metallic knife, flashable?]

Anti-ope's uncle exposed her boy-twin infants (GM @76.a).

"When the child was taken from its mother it disappeared." (ACAIM, p. 152)

On account of her boy-children, Anti-ope "was cruelly ill-treated ... by [GM @76.b] her aunt"

"Mount Child[-]

"took him by the throat" (Matthaios 18:28).

Dirke. [\dirkaia\ = \kirkaia\ 'Vincetoxicum nigrum (black-flowering hound-strangler liana)']

pawlonia." (CM&S, p. 63 4:4:6)

"Chipmunk[-girl] was convulsed with giggles." (ACAIM, p. 159)

"from your hearts" (Matthaios 18:35) [the heart is enclosed within the thorax]

"Mount Kithairon" (GM @76.b). [\kithara\ 'thorax']

"my back hurts." (ACAIM, p. 159)

"nor more twain, but one" (Matthaios 19:6). [with application of appropriate matching, distinctions are eliminated]

Zethos (GM @76.c) [cf. \zotheke\ 'livingroom for repose (rest) while awake']

"Its name is the match[-]rest." (CM&S, p. 63 4:4:5) [a livingroom may contain matchingly-upholstered furniture]

"He has stripes at the back of his head and on his back. His eyes and his tail are striped." (ACAIM, p. 162) [instance of pattern-matching]

"there be eunuchs, which have themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake." (Matthaios 19:12) {This advocacy of self-castration by males may have been to exclude themselves from possible impraegnation of any female.}

"the people of ... Tithorea" diligently hindre an action which "would increase the fertility" (GM @76.c). [\tithor-\ is the perfective form of verb \thore\ = \thornumai\ 'I mount (scil., a female), impraegnate']

"Mount Awe." (CM&S, p. 63 4:4:5) [Such awe would naturally be "for the kingdom of heaven's sake".]

"They made the noise of transformation and became stars." (ACAIM, p. 162) [This is the attainment-of-heaven.]

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." (Matthaios 19:24)

[The type of camel which would be expected here would be \bizarion\ (< *\BIDYARio-m\) 'suckling-camel'.]

"[Letoi = (GM @21.4 : vol. 1, p. 80) BrIZOi < *\BrIDYowi\] she [Niobe] had insulted." (GM @76.c)

"They ... like retching." (CM&S, p. 63 4:4:4) {Retching is to rid oneself of excess food, a possible metaphor for ridding oneself of material riches which inhibit oneself from doing spiritual deeds.}

{BID.ALa said : "One cannot do spiritual and physical deeds at the same time." (PE, s.v. "D.imd.ika", p. 242a -- MBh, "Udyoga Parvan" 160). [The purport of this maxim is that spiritual deeds are inhibited by being rich in material possessions.]}

"Theban women ... wreathing their hair with laurel branches." (GM @77.a)

"Ask all the people for grass thread." (ACAIM, p. 165)

"Artemis found the girls spinning in the palace." (GM @77.b)}

"He peeped in and saw the two girls stringing dentalia."(ACAIM, p. 166)

The Olumpian deities were pressed (required) "to conduct the funeral." (GM @77.c)

"contains many press-fish" (CM&S, p. 63 4:4:4).

"her nose ... was white and shaped like a dentalium." (ACAIM, p. 167)

"us, which have wrought ... of the day." (Matthaios 20:12) {This assertion is aequivalent to saying "have been applying elbow-grease throughout the whole livelong day".}

There is at "Mount [Sipulos < *\TIPulo-\ : Skt \TEP\ (< *\TeIP\) 'to ooze'] ... a stone which can still be seen weeping" (GM @77.c). [Such "weeping" is actually the oozing of a fluid.]

"The River Stone[-]grease" (CM&S, p. 63 4:4:4). [Perhaps the stone-outcropping thereat is oozing with petrol-grease.]

"Her hands were sticky." (ACAIM, p. 167)

"the mother of Zebedaios [\Zabdiy\ 'Giving' (Strong's 2067)]" made trouble for them by requesting that they be given honors (Matthaios 20:20-24).

"Mount Girl[-]stew." (CM&S, p. 63 4:4:4) ["in a stew" can mean 'in a praedicament/trouble'.]

"The woman hid herself near the sweathouse." (ACAIM, p. 168) [sweathouse = stew]

"Tell the daughter of [S.iyown]" (Matthaios 21:5).

"asked her [Kainis] to name a love-gift." (GM @78.a)

[Strong's 6728 \S.iyown\ : \s.iyuwn\ 'waymark', "a monumental or guiding pillar" (Strong's 6725); \s.iyanah\ "conservation (e.g., of ... monuments)" (DMWA, p. 621b).]

Kainis "set up a spear ... and made ... sacrifice to it" (GM @78.a). {This "spear" is, in effect, a variety of monument; and "sacrifice to it" is a variety of conservation.}

"numerous red-dye fish" (CM&S, p. 63 4:4:3).

{Cf. "painting the sign of the White Swan red" ("OPhPTR") : such signs, as denotations (posted along a city-street) of places-of-business are very much instances of "waymark". }

"their weapons rebounded harmlessly from her charmed skin. However,

"They caught up with him and hit him with a stick which went all to pieces. ... . ... his mother was behind all this" (ACAIM, p. 169).

"And they brought the ass, and the colt ...; others

the remaining [Kentauroi (composite human-horses)] beat on her head

"Its sap can be used to dose horses in training." (CM&S, p. 63 4:4:3)

cut down branches from the trees, and strawed [strewed] them on the way." (Matthaios 21:7-8)

with fir logs ..., and then piled a mound of logs above." (GM @78.b)

"There is a tree ... which looks like a poplar but ... its sap is like blood." (CM&S, p. 63 4:4:3)

{Cf. the tree whose sap is mistaken for heart's blood (Popol Vuh).}

"overthrew ... the seats of them that sold doves." (Matthaios 21:12)

"Presently out flew a sandy-winged bird, which the seer [Mopsos] ... recognized as her soul" (GM @78.b).

"Mount Tail[-]banner." (CM&S, p. 63 4:4:2) [The bird's tail may be considered as an advertisement ("banner") for its soul-nature.]

"They came up on the other side as terns." (ACAIM, p. 169)

"saw a fig tree ..., and said unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward forever." (Matthaios 21:19)

"to be given ... wine ... they ... believed themselves bewitched, and

"the ratfoot-sparrow." (CM&S, p. 63 4:4:1) {Can a rat's foot be employed for bewitching?}

"She said,"... I will sit on a tree near the houses of people and make my sound there when people have a death. ..."" (ACAIM, p. 170)

"they caught him ..., and slew him." (Matthaios 21:39)

they killed [Ikarios]." (GM @79.a)

"this stone shall be broken : but ... it will grind ... to powder." (Matthaios 21:44) [Breaking-and-grinding a stone may result in sparks.]

"His hound [Maira ('Sparkleress')] ... then dug up the corpse." (GM @79.a)

"the subnose-dogwolf. It eats humans." (CM&S, p. 63 4:4:1)

"They were blown to the rock and touched it, then they were blown away again." (ACAIM, p. 173) {Cf. Bauddha description of kalpa's duration in terms of touching of stone, as gradually wearing it away.}

"thou regardest not the person of men." (Matthaios 22:16) [Personages' official rank may be treated as if it were a mere mask.]

"Masks are also hung ..., which twist around with the wind." (GM @79.a)

"there are frequent winds." (CM&S, p. 62 4:3:9)

"Lightning peels off the bark at a certain season of the year." (ACAIM, p. 175, fn. 1) [Tree-bark might be regarded as, or made into, masks.]

"leaping over the fosse" (GM @80.a). ["paralleled by Remus's leap" (GM @80.2).

"Mount Stride[-]corner." (CM&S, p. 62 4:3:8)

"had sandals of wood." (ACAIM, p. 178)

"Remus saw six vultures, whereas ...

"it has six feet ... and ...

"ten magpies." (ACAIM, p. 178)

"Render therefore ... unto God the things that are God's." (Matthaios 22:21)

The gods ... decided in favour of the Palatine" (DCM, s.v. "Remus", p. 403a).]

Its name is the join-join" (CM&S, p. 62 4:3:7). {Because joining gods' things unto those gods?}

"He got many fish but all were abnormal ; some were halves, some quarters" (ACAIM, p. 178) [These fractions needed being joined together.]

"with a pitcherful of water" (GM @80.a).

"an area ... where the water jets up" (CM&S, p. 62 4:3:7).

"Everything was ice from the river to the house." (ACAIM, p. 178-9)

Iesous Khristos accounteth >ab-raham,, and Ya<qob as being as-of-yet membres "of the living." (Matthaios 22:32)

"[Mele-agros] ... might still be alive" (GM @80.b).

"he had put ... to silence" (Matthaios 22:34).

"declared ... that unless they withdrew their objection" (GM @80.d).

"They dived, the canoe with all its occupants, just as they were." (ACAIM, p. 178) [submergence = squelching of objections?]

"Thou shalt love ... hang all the law" (Matthaios 22:39-40).

"The truth was that [Mele-agros] had married [Kleo-patra], but now he felt a sudden love for [Atlante]" (GM @80.d).

The boy and Water Monster Woman had a child." (ACAIM, p. 178)

"Sit thou ... till I make ... thy footstool" (Matthaios 22:44). [A footstool is usually made woody.]

"[Hulaios ('Woody')] and [Rhaikos (\rhoikos\ 'bow-legged')]" (GM @80.f). {Sitting habitually on horseback can make oneself bow-legged.}

"the wood was from trees belonging to the poplar family"(ACAIM, p. 179).

"grievous to be borne ... on men's shoulders" (Matthaios 23:4).

"[Iphi-klees] alone contriving to graze its shoulder." (GM @80.g)

"Be ye not called Rabbi" (Matthaios 23:8) : i.e., do disregard this officious title.

A "javelin ... [Mele-agros] also flung and transfixed ... the boar" (GM @80.g).

{"Arjuna disregarded that order and shot the boar." (MBh, "Vana Parvan" 3 -- WL118395)

Reason-stretching doctrinaires award sanctity to mere money (Matthaios 23:16-19).

Stretching his reasonality, Mele-agros austerely awarded his valued prize (GM @80.g).

"Mount Tiptoe[-]heel" (CM&S, p. 61 4:3:7).

"With his arms upraised and standing on his tiptoes, he continued his austerities." (MBh, "Vana Parvan" 3 -- WL118395)}

Plexi-[h]ippos (GM @80.h). [\plexis\ 'plaiting']

"mat rushes." (CM&S, p. 61 4:3:6) [These can be plaited to make a mat.]

"Fox went out and hired four bushes, one whose branches were tangled, one with braided branches" (ACAIM, p. 179).

"mint and anise and cummin" (Matthaios 23:23). {These spices are assistful of the digestive system's assimilation of other nutrients.}

"peach and plum" (CM&S, p. 61 4:3:6). {These fruits are assistful of the digestive system's assimilation of other nutrients.}

"the thorn branch passed him" (ACAIM, p. 182).

"strain at a gnat" (Matthaios 23:24).

"he ran into the pine needles and burst. The blood flew all over and a whole lot of mosquitoes flew out." (ACAIM, p. 183)

"That upon you shall come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth" (Matthaios 23:35) : the guilt therefor, with retaliation implied.

"The [Erinues ('Retaliatresses')] instructed ... to take the unburned brand ... and cast it on the fire.

"Mount Chief[-]child." (CM&S, p. 61 4:3:6)

Chief-Child-of-the-Root "set ... afire" "all the awls", their deaths resulting in their being reduced to useful tools (ACAIM, p. 59).

[Mele-agros] felt a sudden scorching of his inwards" (GM @80.i).

{"Heated by his asceticism, the world is smoking in all directions." (MBh, "Vana Parvan" 3 -- WL118395)}

"ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars" (Matthaios 24:6).

"She answered : ... let me kill him." (GM @80.j)

"Mount Halberd[-]shoot." (CM&S, p. 61 4:3:5)

Salmon was shot in the war between the Land and Water Animals.

"[Atalante] stooped ... just behind Melanion." (GM @80.k)

"she [Meadowlark] went with him

"by a precinct of Zeus {Zeus is often designated \Pater\ 'Father'; "inside" = "Mid"}, ... to come inside ... .

"Mount Mid[-]father." (CM&S, p. 61 4:3:4)

to Wolf's house. ...


"ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation ... stand in the holy place" (Matthaios 24:15).

Vexed that his [Zeus's] precinct had been defiled ... ." (GM @80.l)

Soon Wolf's song was heard, "... the roof of the house stinks; it must be Salmon." ...  

"Neither let him ... return back" (Matthaios 24:18) :

Phokos was incautious enough to return to his homeland;

Four times Wolf came up to the door and jumped back. The fourth {5th?} time[, however, he became incautious.] ... 

"there should no flesh be saved" (Matthaios 24:22).

there he was promptly murdered, and his cadavre hidden (GM @81.b).

Then all died" by being murdered  (ACAIM, p. 120).

"behold, he is in the secret chambers;

Telamon "sailed ... into ... the Secret Harbour",

"numerous char fish." (CM&S, p. 61 4:3:3) [Arctic char "skin becomes thick and leathery after cooking" (SFH"F--ACh"), much as a secret place may be difficult to penetrate.]

Chief-Child-of-the-Root "reached into the water and took out the throat of a monster fish. He made a canoe of it, got into it and rowed away singing his song." (ACAIM, p. 57 [secret song]

"to build a mole,"


"Mount Allhook." (CM&S, p. 61 4:3:3)

"He [Wolf's son] tracked them to the edge of a cliff", where

believe it not." (Matthaios 24:26)

"his eloquent plea" was "rejected" (GM @81.c).

his exhortation (not to deploy a weapon) was disregarded by Quiet (ACAIM, p. 121).

"cometh out of the east, ... even unto the west" (Matthaios 24:27).

Kukhreus [\kukhramos\ 'corn-crake (Rallus crex)', renowned for its migrating from continental Europe westward into Britain or even into North America;

"Kingfisher had hold of his hair and was washing it in the bucket." (ACAIM, p. 60) {"the bittern ... Matuku-tangotango [IEMM&L, q.v., p. 114a] ... washes his hair".}

"immediately ... those days shall the sun be darkened, and

is crepuscular (active at dusk); and

hath rust-coloured bars on the flanks and undertail] was "expelled by

"The Chief spied on him [Fishhawk] and saw him wringing the ends of his fingers in the pail." (ACAIM, p. 61) [These "fingers" may repraesent bar-markings.]

[Euru-lokhos ('Wide Ambush')]" (GM @81.d).

"It animals are mostly tigers." (CM&S, p. 61 4:3:2) [Tigres tend to ambush, by assaulting their prey from behind.]

"[Telamon] married ... the captive [Hesi-one]" (GM @81.e). [\Hess-etea\ 'one must be beaten (scil., "by a woman")']

When asked "Are you my wife?", Toad-woman overcame resistance to her by Chief-Child-of-the-Root (ACAIM, p. 62).

"[Peleus] speared him [Euru-tion] accidentally" (GM @81.f).

In the making of his own spearhead, Splinter-Leg consistently injured himself (ACAIM, p. 61). 

"the gods had given [Peleus] a magic sword" (GM @81.h).

"[Peleus] ... had cut out their tongues" (GM @81.h). {Whenever, in kun.d.alini yoga, the "moon" is melted, a sweet savour is tasted by the tongue.}

"Mount Forked." (CM&S, p. 61 4:3:2) [praesumably referrent to "speaking with a forked tongue"]

When Coyote became the moon (ACAIM, p. 62), "At night whenever anyone did anything Coyote announced the act to all the people" (ACAIM, p. 63) :

the moon shall not give her light, and

therefore, he was demoted from this office of being the moon.

the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken." (Matthaios 24:29).

"[Peleus] awoke to find himself ... surrounded by wild [Kentauroi]" (GM @81.i). {These Kentauroi must be mighty powers emanating from the Great-Attractor, which is located in constellation Kentauros.}

"There is an animal here which looks like an elk and

"Rabbit took a big spoon made of elk antler. ["Jackalope is an antlered species of Hare, native to the American West." ("JHR")] ...

it has fish eyes.

Rabbit took a bladder, blew it up and put it in his eye." (ACAIM, p. 69)

"And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven" (Matthaios 24:30). [This "sign" is, of course, the stauros hagios 'holy cross', whose outline is indistinguishable from that of a dagger (or of a straight short sword).]

"divined where the sword lay hidden and restored it" (GM @81.i).

Its name is the gentle-halberd." (CM&S, p. 61 4:3:1)

"took up some jointgrass, pulled the joints apart and hid Rabbit in it." (ACAIM, p. 69) {Aztec day-sign Tochtli 'Rabbit' is aequivalent to Maya hieroglyph consisting of a cross amid 4 dots.}

Goddess "silver-shod Thetis" (Homeric Hymn 3 to Puthian Apollon -- Th"P--NTh")

{Silvern-robed "Illapa

"coming in the clouds" (Matthaios 24:30).

"turned ... into ... water" (GM @81.k).

brought rain" [cf. "cloud with a silver lining"];

"they shall gather together his elect from one end of heaven to the other." (Matthaios 24:31)

"The [Olumpians] attended, seated on twelve thrones." (GM @81.l)

"Mount Dappled[-]ram." (CM&S, p. 61 4:3:1)

of llamas, "dappled ones to Illapa" are sacrificed (AHE, s.v. "IR").} {On account of a dappled red buck, "Warriors innumerable came to the Peace Lodge" (MNAI, pp. 262-5).}

"Now learn a parable of the fig" (Matthaios 24:32). [To a fig come wasps, laying eggs, some of whose larvae die, leaving their dead bodies within the fruit.]

"a golden melon ['fruit']" (GM @81.n).

"Mount Corpse[-]

halberd." (CM&S, p. 61 4:3:1)

"I'll be a knife at the back of your dog' head." (ACAIM, p. 70)

"know that it is near, even at the doors." (Matthaios 24:33)

"This ... was to be the protocatarctical cause of ... War." (GM @81.n)

"that kingdom will have frequent epidemics." (CM&S, p. 59 4:2:17)

"till all these things be fulfilled ... my words shall not pass away." (Matthaios 24:34-35)

Peleus did not rescind his proffer for payment of indemnity, even "when the payment was refused by the Phthians" (GM @81.p).

"Its name is tape-hook." (CM&S, p. 59 4:2:17) [\Tied up in red tape\ would mean 'at an impasse', such as with an unfulfilled praediction or an uncompleted contract.]

"It is good at getting high up into trees." (CM&S, p. 59 4:2:17)

"Let's see if we can gobble up that tree." (ACAIM, p. 70)

"a fierce wolf ... glutted its hunger on these" animals,

""I might gobble you up," said Gobbler." (ACAIM, p. 70)

"But that ... knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven" (Matthaios 24:36). [No one at all knew of any fraud, even though such fraud might have been perpetrated.]

proffered as payment for the requested indemnity (GM @81.p). [It was fraudulent for the wolf to accept (allegedly on the Phthians behalf) the payment (in animals), without granting any indemnity.]

"will have great numbers of fraudulent strangers." (CM&S, p. 59 4:2:17)

"There were lots of people there playing games." (ACAIM, p. 70) [Games are often won through fraud.]

"that evil servant ... shall begin to smite ...;

"the wolf ... made

It makes a noise like a howing dog." (CM&S, p. 59 4:2:17)

as if to spring at [Peleus]'s throat,

"Then he set the large hoop so it would hold

the mouth open" (ACAIM, p. 71).

The lord of that servant shall come ...

but Thetis glowered balefully ..., and turned it into stone" (GM @81.p).

And shall cut him asunder" (Matthaios 24:48-51).

"between the pieces of her dismembered body." (GM @81.q)

"told Rabbit to cut the giant up. He cut him all up." (ACAIM, p. 71} ['Cut up' is the meaning of the Zapotec day-sign corresponding to Aztec Tochtli.]

"nine tails and nine heads, ...

"You will be the Nez Perce. You will have good heads." (ACAIM, p. 71)

"ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet" (Matthaios 25:1).

"Thetis burned away the mortal parts ..., in order to make ... immortal by

It ... it the bane[-]reptile-niece." (CM&S, p. 59 4:2:16)

"Each time a piece of Gobbler's body hit the ground smoke came up" (ACAIM, p. 71, fn. 1).

"very precious ointment ... poured it on his head" (Matthaios 26:7).

rubbing ... with ambrosia" (GM @81.r).

"Mount Duck[-]beauty." (CM&S, p. 59 4:2:16) [Ambrosia may beautify.

"He rewarded meadowlark by putting around her neck a black medal ... which had belonged to bluebird." (ACAIM, p. 75)

"He that dippeth his hand with me ..., the same shall ... ." (Matthaios 26:23)

"to live with her for ever in the depths of the sea." (GM @81.s)

The "duck" is so-named for its facility in dunking itself into water.]

"He never passes by that spring without stopping." (ACAIM, p. 75)

"the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad." (Matthaios 26:31)

"his shattered fleet" (GM @81.t).

"The Shuswap and Thompson versions ... described ... fragments of the ball as armor" (ACAIM, p. 76).

"But after I am risen again, I will go before you

Coyote "made his son rise higher each time. The son rose higher and higher and finally went right into the sky." (ACAIM, p. 77)

into Galilaia." (Matthaios 26:32) [The Sea of Galilaia formeth the northeastern border of Palaistine.]

"to the island of [Ikos], where ... was ... the immortality which Thetis had promised him." (GM @81.t) [\Ikos\ is cognate with Skt \Is`a\, a variant of \Is`ana\, which is the name of the regent of the northeast direction.]

"Mount Motherinlaw[-]meet." (CM&S, p. 59 4:2:15) {Was Thetis intending to escort Peleus to meet her immortal mother (his mother-in-law) Doris?}

"Shuswap. Coyote's son (or nephew)" in the sky-world meeteth "Spider Woman" (instead of his father-in-law the C.d'A.

Spider Man)[; she must be his mother-in-law]. (ACAIM, p. 81)

Petros vaunted his own extreme loyalty (Matthaios 26:33).

"[Hupseus ('Vaunting')] ... married

"Mount Braid[-]

"This rope stuff is what interests us." (ACAIM, p. 79) [In Bharata, a braided "sacred-thread" is worn to vaunt one's caste (varn.a)-status.]

"their eyes were heavy." (Matthaios 26:43)

[Khlidan-ope ('Delicate Face')]" (GM @82.a).

"hold him [Iesous Khristos, designated

hilt[-]clan." (CM&S, p. 59 4:2:14) {an implement is grasped (taken hold of) by its handle/hilt} {a clan is similar to a tribe}

"the Lion of the tribe of [Yhuwdah]" in the Apokalupsis of Ioannes] fast" (Matthaios 26:48).

"once watched her [Kurene] wrestling a powerful lion." (GM @82.a)

"In an Upper Chehalis myth a young man, who has escaped up a tree from his captor, Lion [i.e., mountain-lion, also known as cougar], ... encounters

"promised ... would make her [Kurene] queen" (GM @82.b).

Evening who

"promised [Kurene] a long life to indulge her passion for hunting" (GM @82.c).

kills deer and men for food" (ACAIM, p. 82).

At the site of city Kurene, heroine Kurene bore, to Apollon, 2 sons (GM @82.c).

Coyote's eldest son "had children with the beaver women" (ACAIM, p. 79) in the sky-world.

"taught him [Aristeus/Aristaios] how to ... make the oleaster yield the cultivated olive." (GM @82.d)

Certain "hard food", which no person had praeviously succeed in masticating, "Little Beaver" did so succeed withal (ACAIM, p. 84).

"Put up again thy sword into his place" (Matthaios 26:52).

He "perfected the art of hunting" (GM @82.e).

"Little Beaver ... stepped into the fire ... so he could melt pitch to fasten his arrowpoints." (ACAIM, p. 84)

He "raised a great altar in the mountains ..., at the same time propitiating the Dog-star by putting the murderers to death." (GM @82.f)

"Little Beaver went along the top of the hill, shot Grizzly Bear and killed him." (ACAIM, p. 85)

"I ... pray to my Father, and

"His aunt, [Arethousa], heard an imploring voice through the water, ... recognized [Aristaios], and

he shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels" (Matthaios 26:53).

invited him down to the wonderful palace of the [Naiades]." (GM @82.g)

"He went in, through his tunnel under the river and out the other side and out the other side into Coyote's house" (ACAIM, p. 85).

"when he had made love to her [Euru-dike] ...,

"Coyote had turned himself into a pestle and had impregnated her." (ACAIM, p. 86)

she had fled from him and been bitten by a serpent." (GM @82.h)

"It has many big snakes" (CM&S, p. 59 4:2:13).

"ye see the Son of man sitting on the right hand of power, and

"[Aristaios] now returned to the Naiads' palace" (GM @82.i),

coming in the clouds of heaven." (Matthaios 26:64)

which palace is located underwater, "where [Kurene] instructed him

"South Motherinlaw[-]shoot ... has ... a great amount of water." (CM&S, p. 59 4:2:12)

"was gone out into the porch" (Matthaios 26:71).

to raise four altars" (GM @82.i). {praesumably built of stone}

"North Motherinlaw[-]shoot ... has ... quantities of stone." (CM&S, p. 58 4:2:11)

"It is not lawful to put them into the treasury, because it is the price of blood." (Matthaios 27:6)

"leaving the carcasses where they lay" (GM @82.i).

"to bury strangers in." (Matthaios 27:7)

"to propitiate the ghost of Orpheus"

"Motherinlaw[-]shoot ... has no plants [n]or trees" (CM&S, p. 58 4:2:10). [Some cemeteries lack vegetation.]

Although his earlier swarm of bees had died, he acquired another "swarm of bees" (GM @82.i).

Although it had seemed that all the "geese died", one of them indeed had survived (ACAIM, p. 88).

"Enchanted by thge savage beauty of [Sardon],

"that kingdom will have extensive earthworks." (CM&S, p. 58 4:2:9)

Coyote was traveling in a region abounding in cliffs (ACAIM, p. 91).

{Cf. how the blind Ho,d shot Baldr while his (Ho,d's) archery was being directed by

While Coyote was blind, he commanded of a woman : "Fix an arrow for me and aim it." "She did as he directed. He killed the deer." (ACAIM, p. 93)

"gave ... for ... the field, as ... appointed" (Matthaios 27:10).

his first landfall, he began to cultivate it ...;

"with Coyote's eyes ... singing to accompany her pounding of sunflower seed." (ACAIM, p. 94)

Loki disguised as a woman (Edda).}

Coyote disguised himself as an old woman when "He put her dress on himself." (ACAIM, p. 94)

but is said to have founded no city there." (GM @82.j). [If in "no city", he may have instead resided a mere hut.]

"Mount Hut[-]its." (CM&S, p. 58 4:2:9)

"they came in sight of

the dancehall" (ACAIM, p. 94).

"taking part in the Mysteries of [Dio-nusos]." (GM @82.k)

"will go into a panic." (CM&S, p. 58 4:2:8)

"he disappeared without a trace, and is now worshipped as a god both by the ... barbarians and by civilized" (GM @82.k).

"Mount Dazzle." (CM&S, p. 58 4:2:8) {If his body became invisible amid a glow of dazzling luminance, that circumstance would have prompted his being regarded as a god.}

Barabbas ['Son of Father'](Matthaios 27:16).

"son ... by a satyr whose name is not remembered" (GM @83.a). {A person whose father is non-remembred may be designated simply "a son of [his own] father".}

"Mount Shut[-]father." (CM&S, p. 58 4:2:7) [a father whose identity is shut out (exluded, because secret) from human ken?]

"I have suffered many things this day in a dream because of him." (Matthaios 27:19) [The expression \this day\ would imply that she was sleeping during daytime.}

"a procession ... was observed carrying grains of wheat ... and placing them between his lips as he slept -- a prodigy" (GM @83.a). [This observing might imply that he was sleeping during daytime.]

"When it sees human beings, it 'goes to sleep'." (CM&S, p. 58 4:2:6) [impliedly an opossum, swooning from dread]

"saw ... Coyote sleeping near. ...They ... took a little of the grease and rubbed it around his mouth" (ACAIM, p. 103). [This
"nap" seen by observers would imply his
sleeping during daytime.]

"a crown of thorns, they put ... upon his head" (Matthaios 27:29).

"bound him [Seilenos] with garlands of flowers and led him before Midas." (GM @83.b)

"the chief said, "Go ... tie him up." Then Lynx went reluctantly with them. " (ACAIM, p. 113)

"he [Seilenos] told wonderful tales of an immense continent ... where splendid cities abound" (GM @83.b). ["recounted the story of two cities, outside our world, called [Eu-sebes] or the city of piety, and [Makhimos], the city of war." (DCM, s.v. "Midas", p. 289b)]

"Then the Water People and the Land People began to fight." (ACAIM, p. 119)

"to drink mingled" (Matthaios 27:34).

"mentioned a frightful whirlpool" (GM @83.b).

"The River Mix[-]me rises here" (CM&S, p. 58 4:2:6).

"causes those who eat it to ... pine away." (GM @83.b) {Those who are pining way may have a body appearing dried-up.}

"look like dried meat strips" (CM&S, p. 58 4:2:5).

"upon my vesture did they cast lots" (Matthaios 27:35).

"Mount Cloth[-]bean." (CM&S, p. 57 4:2:5-4) [bean for casting-of-lots?]

"His countenance was like lightning, and

"But the fruit ... renews the youth even of the very aged" (GM @83.b).

"The River Range[-]bog contains many ... freshwater oysters." (CM&S, p. 57 4:2:3) {Oysters may contain pearls; and a magical pearl is reputed to rejuvenate one's body.}

"she had a husband. ... He was very old." (ACAIM, p. 122) -- But, soon, he was rejuvenated, to become "a handsome man." (Ibid., p. 123)

his raiment white as snow." (Matthaios 28:3)

"there are quantities of white clay on the lower slopes." (CM&S, p. 57 4:2:3)

"ermine was caught biting at the trap." (ACAIM, p. 123) [Ermine-pelt is utilized as white raiment.]

"So they took the money, ... until this day." (Matthaios 28:15)

"near Mount [Tmolos], ... bright with gold to this day." (GM @83.c)

"Mount Range[-]bog. Gold ... abundant on its summit" (CM&S, p. 57 4:2:3).

"My bracelet is in shreds. ..." "My earrings are ruined" (ACAIM, p. 124).

"all nations" (Matthaios 28:19).

"Mount Crowd[-]dusk." (CM&S, p. 57 4:2:2)

"She saw ... men were standing around ... . All their clothes, their moccasins and trousers were embroidered in beads." (ACAIM, p. 124)

"Teaching them" (Matthaios 28:20).

"a bell chiming." (CM&S, p. 57 4:2:1) [A bell is tolled to call the faithful who are to be taught via sermons.]

"I'm trying to teach him" (ACAIM, pp. 124-5).

"And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them." (Praxeis Apostolon 2:3)

"Midas, having entered Asia with his train of Brigians {worshippers of goddess BRIGIndoi?}, ... drove ...

{"Giraldus Cambrensis reported ... an undying flame burning to St. Brigit" (ECM&F, s.v. "Brigit", p. 60a).}

"full of new wine." (Praxeis Apostolon 2:13) [from winesacks, cf. pouches marsupial]

towards [Phrugian Telmissos (\TELMat-\ 'marsh, swamp')] ...;

"it looks on Slough Marsh." (CM&S, p. 57 4:2:1)

"Fox saw ten boats full of people rise to the surface of the water." (ACAIM, p. 128)