Proper (restored) sequence of sections in codices of the Borgianus Mexicanus group


beginning & ending of each section

BM 29 to 46

ending with fire-drilling

BM 49 to 53

beginning with fire-drilling

ending with deer

BM 22 to 24

beginning with deer

ending with multi-colored maize

BM 15 to 17

beginning with god of multi-colored maize

ending with suckling

BM 9 to 13

beginning with god of food, with sucking by humans


BM 61 to 70


ending with white-clad woman + lianas from vase

BM 57 to 60

beginning with white divinities + lianas growing from vase

ending with corpse in jaws of earth-monster

L 15 to 21

beginning with mummy-bundle in jaws of earth-monster

ending with owl in cage and temple, with spiny barrel

BM 18 to 21

beginning with owl in temple, with spiny barrel

ending with black eagle

BM 71

including black eagle

ending with sun-god

BM 55

beginning with sun-god

ending with opossum-helmeted god holding (downward) hockey-stick

F-M 37 to 41

beginning with opossum-god, with hockey-stick and ball

ending at crossroads

L 3 to 8

beginning with crossroads with man whose head is bleeding

ending with Tlaloc-head as mug

BM 27 to 28

Tlaloc-heads as mugs

BM 75 to 76

beginning with Tlaloc

all men's heads (scalps) are bleeding

BM = Codex Borgianus Mexicanus

L = Codex Laud

F-M = Codex Fejervary-Mayer

[N. B. : some conventional paginations of codices are reversed]